Kansas – RIP – Found With a Severe Wound, Badly Infected

8/2/19 – Last weekend I got an emergency call about a cat who was taken to an emergency hospital and the hospital would not do anything without a $400 deposit. The cat, Kansas, had a severe wound which was infected. I immediately approved but unfortunately, after a couple of days in the hospital, Kansas died. The infection had just gone too far without treatment. Although, I rarely meet the animals we help, my heart breaks for everyone of these innocent beings who rely on us for life. There are so many animals and individual rescuers who need our help and without your support we couldn’t do it. Please consider donating, attending our fundraisers, and just sharing our stories. Please sharekansas 7:28:19 w:tina springer kansas 7:28:19 w:tina springer in memory of Kansas and the many others who need our help every day. Thank you, diana

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