Amanda – A Return Visit to the Vet For an Infected Puncture Wound

3/21/20 – Amanda was rescued by our friend Patricia B. Patricia has been trying to find a furever home for her and when she was first rescued 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of her medical needs — which most often always includes treatment for an upper respiratory infection (URI). Well, all of a sudden, Amanda’s nose started swelling (not photo). She didn’t show signs of a URI and Patricia couldn’t find in puncture holes or wounds. She worried that maybe Amanda had cancer. We paid for Amanda’s repeat visit to the doctor and she determined that Amanda had an infection most likely caused by a claw puncture. The Doctor drained the area in several spots, gave her some antibiotics and put a cone on her. Cats’ claws are like needles and you may not see a puncture would because they heal that fast.
I know this will be a tough financial time for millions of people but if you are able to donate, it would be much appreciated. The medical need will not end but will only get worse as the weather warms. Thank YOU for your support. – diana
amanda w:patricia brown 3:9:20

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