Brooke – Born Without an Eyelid; Will Now Get Reconstructive Surgery

3/23/20 – I’ve posted about Brooke and Meadow before. This past week the rescue, Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan, again asked for our help for Brooke:
“Brooke was seen at Veterinary Vision Center today, and they think they can reconstruct her upper eyelid that is missing by using tissue from her lower lid. Dr. Singh could do the cryogenic ablation again afterward to remove any hairs that grow back so we wouldn’t have a huge expense for that after the big surgery to save her sight. The only humane alternative is removing the eyes, and the estimate for that surgery is $600 higher than eyelid reconstruction, so after speaking with Dr. Kimmitt we think this is the best option for Brooke.
You mentioned that you could help toward the surgery, and if you are still able to do that we would be extremely grateful for your help to get this surgery for Brooke. – Debbie”

Before the current health crisis we did commit to helping Brooke and we are keeping our commitment. Today I called in payment so that Brooke could have her surgery. – diana 2:17:20brooke w:saving cats & kittens in Michigan:debbie nelson

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