Jordy – RIP

4/13/20 – RIP Jordy. Jordy was one of the first of the 11 kittens who didn’t make it. These poor babies, weighing as little as 6 oz. were/are severely malnourished and have severe upper respiratory infections. Jordy was at an emergency hospital who is not a partner of 4p1h and we were not asked for assistance until our friend Jo A. got involved. The finder is a wonderful person who just moved into the area and started finding all of these cats that she has been trying to take care of out of her own pocket. We couldn’t help but pay for Jordy’s invoice even though he didn’t make it. I truly believe that having the loving and expert care of Gina and Jo A. (who works in the medical field) has made a difference in saving the lives, thus far, of 3 of the 11 kittens. We are thankful that we can support what Amanda, Gina, and Jo are doing to save all of the remaining babies. -diana

jordy rip w:amanda rumb;e 4:06:20 jordy 4:6:20

Bunny and Little One – Updates

4/13/20 – The photo on the left is the kitten, Bunny, who I posted the other day whose eyes were totally shut. Jo A. took in another of the very sick 11 kittens and named her Vivian. Jo works in the medical field not considered, for the most part, non-essential at this time so she has been home most of the time and not working. I told Jo today that sometimes there is a reason. Had it not been for her stay at home status, she would never had been able to give these kittens the care they needed. Another kitten is supposed to be going in to Jo for further care. We will continue to cover any medical costs necessary including all drugs. There are so many of these animals out there needing our help and it’s such a difficult time to do what is needed. Thank you to all for your prayers and your support. – diana

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Kittens – 11 of Them From What Appears to be Two Litters

4/11/20 – Update and photos of the 11 kittens from the two moms. It takes a village! – diana

amanda rumble 11 kittens including little one, bunny and vivian 4:8:20 3 of amanda rumble's kittens 4:8:20“And then there were 3…
A lot has changed in the past week here at Community Cat Care. Thursday night I had 11 snuggly kittens on my lap. Friday afternoon I found Charlie passes away and Jordy was barely hanging on. I rushed Jordy to Wilson Vet. The remaining 9 I was watching like a hawk and two of them started declining fast on Saturday. I knew I couldn’t afford multiple kittens staying at the emergency vet, as the estimate for Jordy was on track to be $1000.
I reached out to Charlotte Yakima who helped me TNR a couple weeks ago. She got me in contact with Carol Danielak Nadolski who now is fostering David, Anastasia, Jasmine & Shelby and referred me to Debra Ann Nelson (who is currently in Florida). Deb sent me with Riley & Nala to Jo Sweeney Addington. Riley declines fast on the drive there and didn’t make it. Jo & Gina DeLuca have been tag-team caring for little Nala and it is looking like she will pull through. I still have Goliath, Shelley & Pounce.
Thank you to Diana Rascano with 4 Paws 1 Heart for helping with the vet bill at Wilson’s and helping with the vetting for little Nala. Please consider donating to 4 Paws 1 Heart to help cover the cost of vetting they have helped these kittens out with.
What an absolute blessing these women I have tagged have been. You ladies have all been a tremendous help to myself and these kittens. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ – amanda”


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Bunny – Found Amongst 11 Other Kittens With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

4/11/20 – Another baby from the combined litter of 11 needs our help. Our friend, Jo, is getting this very sick baby this morning and we are going to be getting him/her into a vet asap. Please say a prayer that we can act fast enough; you know we will do everything possible even if it means getting her to the emergency hospital. We are being told that pus is coming out of her eyes. – diana 4:11:20 bunny 4:11:20-- bunny 4:11:20:::

Carla – Update After Surgery

4/9/20 – A report from Carla’s mom after surgery: – dianacarla--4:9:20

Hey Team! Mom just called and Carla’s surgery is all done. Dr. Z removed 12-15 stones from Carla’s bladder!!! Holy cow!!! Carla did well for her surgery, but will be very painful for the next 5 days and mom will have to be very careful expressing her pee & poo. Carla will have to be on prescription food going forward annnd will have to come every 3-6mo for a urine culture in an effort to prevent any further stones from forming. We’re soooo grateful to Dr. Z and her staff for being here for our Carla and to 4 Paws 1 Heart and all who have donated towards Carla’s surgery, mom and all of us are sooo very grateful 💞 We will post again once Carla and mom are home and Carla is settled. 🐾”

Carla – Needs Emergency Surgery for Bladder Stones

4/9/20 – Carla has been going to therapy since that time and has been making great progress but at this time she is in surgery to remove a number of bladder stones. Thank God she has a mom who intuitively knows when there is something seriously wrong. The doctor first thought it might be a bladder infection but now we know otherwise. Carla has been in surgery for over two hours so please say a prayer for our girl. She has been quite a trooper over the years. Here’s a report from her mom.- diana

“Hey Team, Mom here.
So Dr. Z did an ultrasound on our Carla and she has multiple bladder stones and her bladder is extremely inflamed. So we were right not to wait and Carla will be going right into surgery. As I suspected, she also has backed up poo and she will get an enema while shes under. Theres also special food, pain meds, antibiotics, appetite stimulant. Altogether the estimate comes to $750.00 which includes our rescue discount.
Like all of the animal organizations, all of the fundraisers for 4 Paws 1 Heart have been cancelled and donations are down to near nothing, understandably so. But the need goes on and right now its Carla that needs you. So, if you are able to donate any amount to help with Carla’s surgery it would be sooo very much appreciated
Please make your donation to… and in the message box please type “Carla”
Thankyou so much and please keep our girl in your prayers. I cant go inside the vet office due to restrictions at this time so I will be waiting for Carla out in the parking lot since it’s a far drive to go home and come back. Will post just as soon as Dr. Z calls with an update” 🙏

UPDATE:  Approximately 15 stones were removed from Carla.  She is now home and recovering. – dianacarla -- 4:9:20 carla 4:9:20