Zeus – More to the Story

7/29/20 – A friend of 4p1h just added more to the story. I was told that the finder of Zeus actually learned that the mother was purposely killed and the killers bragged about putting the kittens to “bake in the sun”. Unfortunately, that is what happened but before Zeus succumbed to the heat and the fleas and maggots, a kind woman passed by the box and saved Zeus. I know we all believe that these people need to be punished but, unfortunately, this is Detroit and we all know very well, that Animal Control and the police have much bigger issues than poor cats. I’m disgusted by this latest news and can only sincerely hope that whoever is responsible for this will meet their karma sooner than later. -diana

7/29/20 – Zeus update. The good news is that Zeus had a blood transfusion yesterday, was put on fluids, and has made it through the night. The doctor called me this morning and reported that this “little sweetheart” is not yet out of the woods but is eating good and an important medical number (sorry for my ignorance) which was ‘9’ when he got to the emergency, is now at ’22’; normal for a kitten is ’25’. Zeus is only 1.1 lbs. so you can imagine how difficult of a struggle it has been for him and the doctors. Zeus will be kept in the hospital through the day and I will talk with the doctor a little later to determine our next step. We do know that he has a great foster lined up who is experienced with at-risk kittens and took him in the night he got out of the first emergency hospital. But we will do what is best. We have learned over the years that, when possible, the love and care in an experienced home can make the difference to get us over the finish line. Thank you so very much to all of you who have donated and prayed. I will keep you all informed. Your DONATIONS and PRAYERS are still needed, we are less than half way to what we thinK Zeus’ bill will be. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.- dianazeus 7:29:20

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