Onyx – Update

2/16/21 – A happy update on a very difficult morning when all of us are worrying about all of the innocent strays who have no home and are on the streets with 8″ of snow, ice, and high winds.
Hopefully, you will remember beautiful Onyx. We don’t know how she was injured–her toe was mangled and her leg was also damaged. She may have been caught in an engine fan and then got frostbite when she got out. Well, yesterday, Onyx had her second visit with Dr. Zalac of Orion Hospital. Although we were concerned that both would need amputation, Dr. Z, prescribed medical baths with antibiotics and yesterday we received the good news that Dr. Z believed Onyx would not need her leg removed. Although her gums are still pale, she is getting stronger and will be able to have flea treatment during her next visit. Thanks for all of your prayers and support for all of these sweet animals. – diana
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