Sophie and Bella – RIP – Lived Together Since Kittens, Then Their Elderly Owner Died

3/3/21 – RIP Sophie and Bella – Here is their story from their rescuer, Jem.
“Sophie and Bella lived together since they were kittens. Bella (calico) passed in August 2020, at 18, and Sophie (B+W)
passed Monday, at 17.
After their elderly owner ended up in the hospital, her family abandoned the two cats. They made it into 4Paws1Heart’s care and settled in with a foster home. Bella was adopted, but Sophie’s chronic sickness kept her from being adopted out, so she remained under 4P1H care with her loving foster. Thanks to 4P1H, Sophie was able to live the final three years of her life in peace, knowing she would never be abandoned again, and that she would be kept comfortable until it was time for her to go.- Jem”
Most recently, Sophie had a stroke and 4 paws 1 heart took care of Sophie’s medical needs which included blood work and treatment. But, at her age, I guess it was time. Our hearts are broken for their passing but thankful that both Bella and Sophie died with love and not abandonment. – diana
sophie 2:2:21 bella 3:2:21 sophie & bella 3:2:21 sophie and bella 3:2:21
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