Ziggy – Temperature at 107.6 Degrees and a Wound on His Paw

3/4/21 – Asking for all of our Prayer Warriors to say a prayer for Ziggy. Just after Christmas Ziggy showed up at Dawn’s house and just after 3 days, started wandering into her home. He’s probably less than a year and other than being very thin, he was healthy, eating well, etc. Then, yesterday morning he went into the home around 9 a.m., ate, got in a box, and then never came out. I received a call from Dawn last night. Ziggy’s temperature had risen to 107.6 degrees and he was listless. Dawn gave him antibiotics and fluids while we checked in with some experts. Thankfully, Ziggy made it through the night and he has an appointment to have blood work and x rays in a little while.
With everything that has been going on lately, we are concerned that Ziggy might be another victim of FIP. Here is Ziggy 1/2/21 and now. Honestly, we are getting tapped out if this is the case. My heart breaks for these stray animals who have no one but us to care. I’ll update as I get information. – diana
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