VIXIE, CHIEF, TODD, AND COOPER – All Sick and Found Under a Home

Meet Vixie,( first 3 photos),Chief (4th photo) and the whole litter – Vixie, Chief, Todd and Cooper. Vixie was the first, and the most ill, who was rescued from under Kirsten’s home. Her eyes were full of puss and she was the easiest to be caught by Kirsten’s friend because the poor baby couldn’t see. We arranged for Vixie to be seen by one of our partner vets and before Vixie could be seen (which was pretty quickly), the other three in the litter were caught — Chief, who was also sick from an upper respiratory but not as severed as Vixie, and then Todd and Cooper. Vixie and Cooper had to be seen again after their first visit because their eyes were still cloudy and the other two in the litter were treated for upper respiratory infections. When everyone recovers they will get their vaccines, tests, and spay/neuter. Kirsten is still trying to find and trap the mom. If she is successful, we will take care of her also. Anyone interested in these babies should contact Kirsten at: [email protected]

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