Cali – Very Feral and Very Much in Pain Because of Stomatitis

In March, 2021 we posted about Cali. Although she is very feral, she had been living in the backyard and porch of Bob and Danielle, very serious animal lovers, for 8 years. They estimated Cali to be around 8 years old. Every morning, Cali and two other feral cats would show up for breakfast where they would be fed in the kitchen and then off they would go back to the outdoors. They wanted no part of the tame world.It was in March that Bob had contacted us about Cali. She appeared to be in pain and was not eating as usual . After visiting two vets, it was determined that Cali had stomatitis and needed some teeth removed but neither vet would do it. After already spending a considerable amount to get the diagnosis without a cure, Bob was referred to us. After a little bit of a bumpy road because most vets will not do a ‘same-day’ surgery, Cali had nine teeth removed and was given meds. She was doing great until July came along. Bob contacted me and said that Cali could not even drink the milk or bone broth he was now given her. She appeared to be in great pain again. This time, Dr. Patterson, of Patterson Veterinary Hospital took charge. Understanding the situation with Cali and the fact that trapping her is beyond difficult, he agreed to fit Cali in whenever Bob could get her and examine and perform the surgery as needed the same day. Cali had all but her canine fangs extracted and Bob reports that Cali is back to her old self — crazy feral but eating without pain. He doesn’t know if it was the teeth causing the pain or the infection. Paws crossed that Cali can maintain because we do know that Stomatitis can return. Thank you to Bob and Danielle for being so caring and thank you, again, to our great doctors and our donors. –,528People reached173EngagementsBoost post

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