IGGY – Rest in Peace Sweet Boy – Rescued and Found to Have a Tumor –

1/24/22 – I’m so very sorry to report that Iggy passed away on Friday. You might remember that in early January we were contacted about Iggy who appeared to be left behind by his owners. Shortly after the new homeowners moved in, Iggy showed up and walked right through the door — just like he owned the place. After a short time with the family who quickly fell in love with him, Iggy started showing signs of an illness. We were contacted and arranged for Iggy’s vet visit where the doctor suspected a cancerous tumor and prescribed some medication to help with pain. Just to give Iggy any possible chance, we arranged for a second opinion with another one of our amazing doctors and she concurred with the first diagnosis — a cancerous tumor in the abdomen area. Iggy was given a different medication to help with any pain and it was decided to give Iggy love and care rather than to chance surgery that he might not be able to withstand. This past Friday, Iggy was in a great deal of pain and couldn’t even stand. With the help and kindness of Erin and the veterinarian at Groesbeck Animal Hospital, Iggy’s rescuer was able to hold Iggy while he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please pray for this family whose daughter also recently lost the loving dog with whom she grew up. – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/

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