PAN – Found Deaf, Blind, Matted, Filthy and Scared

1/25/22 – Pan was rescued in November. The person who contacted us had a friend who found him and contacted her. He was deaf, blind, very matted, filthy, and scared. Mckenzie, who eventually, picked him up from her friend, said she had never seen a cat so neglected. Once we agreed to take care of the medical, Mckenzie picked up Pan to work on his medical issues. His first trip to one of our best vets only included a wellness check and blood work because he was so skittish. Pan eventually was able to visit our vet who determined that Pan would also need extensive dental work. This past week, Pan had the works. He was tested, vaccinated, neutered, and had several teeth extracted. Without our supporters, the rescuers, and our vets, animals like Pan would probably live a life of pain and eventually die on the streets. I am very thankful for our Village!! –

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