10/14/21- I have very sad news..Midnight had too many things against her and despite all efforts she took a turn for the worse. Her kidneys were in failure and upon x ray the doctor discovered her pelvis was broken, so she could’ve been hit by a car.. Thank you to everyone involved who gave her a chance. Rest peacefully Midnight. No more suffering.. Gina

10/13/21 – Please say a prayer for Midnight. A friend found her lying lifeless in the grass at an apartment complex known for dumping their cats when they ‘leave’. Our friend gave her fluids through the night as she was obviously dehydrated. The poor baby was declawed and would have been unable to defend herself or capture food. Fortunately, we were able to get her into the veterinary hospital where Gina works. She’s had blood work and x rays done. Her numbers are very elevated and the doctor is concerned that she was either poisoned or in her search for water/food drank/ate something toxic. She is on fluids and resting on a heated cushion; she will be spending the night in the hospital. May God be with these poor animals. – diana4paws1heart.org/donations/

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