1/18/22 – MR. KAT – Rescued from a Mobile Home Park – Upper Respiratory Infection, Sking and Bones, and Eyes Crusted Shot and Cloudy

This is Mr. Kat Williams and here is his story: “Kat was found 12/21/21 by a concerned woman living in a mobile home park. When I got him home he was skin and bones, one eye crusted shut and the other cloudy. Luckily, and with your approval, we were able to get an appointment at Anchor Bay Vet the next day–and lucky we were. Kat came in with a fever, upper respiratory infection, along with his eye issues and a damaged tail. After a day in the hospital he came home and the journey to get him better began. As of today (1/17/22) he’s about 11-13 weeks old (vet estimated) and is just under 3 pounds of pure love. He has gone out with me and people love him the instant they see him. He loves his toys, being brushed, foot rubs, and nap time with humans. He is currently on 4 medications all mainly to help preserve his eyes. It’s a miracle that something so small survived in the winter conditions. Being his foster mom has been a wonderful experience; especially watching him thrive the way he is. Without 4 Paws 1 Heart we don’t know if covering the needed medical bills would have been possible. When we go out we like to talk to people about the benefits of fostering such adorable animals and spaying/neutering the stray cat communityThis little guy was given a second chance because of people like you who care. And it is my personal mission to get him into the perfect home with people who will love him for the rest of his life.Attached are some pics of Mr. Kat, the ones with a bow tie are his most recent pictures!- Lauren”This morning, I received a text from Lauren. She woke up to find that the dead part of Kat’s tail had fallen off. She was able to get an appointment this afternoon to make sure there is no infection. Much appreciation to Anchor Bay Veterinary for fitting Kat in this afternoon and giving him the help he needs. Anyone interested in this sweetheart should contact Lauren at: [email protected] – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/

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