FLETCHER – Rescued From the Streets, FIV Positive, Upper Respiratory Infection, and Skin and Gastrointestinal Issues

Fletcher lived outside for a few years up until recently where a kind family let him inside. He is semi feral and FIV positive, but the couple is letting him go at his own pace.. 4 paws 1 heart is covering his medical while he is being provided food and shelter. We got him treated for an upper respiratory infection, vaccines, dewormer, treated his gastrointestinal issues, got him neutered, treating his current skin problem, etc..Unfortunately, Fletcher began scratching his skin raw. The doctor is not sure what the cause is because diagnostics aren’t pointing to anything specific. A hypoallergenic food is the next step to do a trial and see if it helps. This food is very expensive. $70 for a 7 lb bag.. Tomorrow I’ll be calling around to see if there are any affordable hypoallergenic foods. Not only is that price high for our non-profit, but whomever adopts him will they be able to afford this? Please keep paws crossed that we can help him.. ♡ Gina

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