OPIE – Adopts a Family

Our baby, Opie, has found his new loving family. May God bless those who open their hearts for the many fur orphans on our streets. – diana4paws1heart.org/donations/

“OPIE: Soooo, I know everybody’s been waiting for my big news and foster mommy says I can tell you tonight. I have decided to adopt a very special family who needs me. I know you all remember my sweet foster brother who came before me..Scout/Jinx. Well, you might remember Jinx was FeLv+ but that didn’t detour his family from adopting him! Mom’s friend Kim and her hubby and their sweet kitty loving dog Gemma gave Jinx an amazing love filled, adventure filled, joy filled life. Although Jinx life was short, his family filled it with a lifetime of love. Now…in just 6 more sleeps I’m going to officially adopt this wonderful mom, dad and fur sister and help heal their hearts and we’re gonna make wonderful new memories and have awesome adventures together! Now of course no one could take the place of my angel brother Jinx, but lucky for me my family has decided to expand their hearts to make room in there for me. Yep, they need me and although I’ll miss foster mom, Aunt Shelly and the Gang..I can’t wait to romp and play with my sister Gemma, and get lots of love and kisses from mom and dad! I’m super excited for our first family vacation together! “❤

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