TINKERBELL – Kept on a Chain 24/7 and Pregnant

7/28/21 – When she was found she wouldn’t come out of the finder’s truck. The finder spent the night in the truck with her. Tinkerbell had spent her life in a cage. The finder/rescuer found what she thought were great fosters who were also interested in adopting. The finder reported that she conducted a thorough investigation of the potential adopters which included a home check and a check-up with the couple’s veterinary hospital. All seemed perfect, so there was an agreement to foster then adopt if all went well. The couple also agreed too have Tinkerbell spayed after she had her first heat. During a follow up visit, the finder learned that the couple had been keeping Tinkerbell on a leash 24/7 and never took care of having her spayed. Tinkerbell, who is now pregnant, missing fur all over her body, and having a possible urinary tract infection was surrendered back to the finder. Tinkerbell is now safe again but frightened. She has an appointment to get her medical needs treated as well as an ultra sound to determine her pregnancy status. I went into detail with this case because I feel it’s a cautionary tale that I believe everyone who has adopted out an animal has faced. Sometimes, we just don’t know the depth of inhumanity or ignorance of humans and no matter how hard one tries to make sure that animal or child is going into a good home, it is never a sure thing. We are all praying for Tinkerbell that she can get healthy, have her babies without problems, and some day truly find a home that will treat her as she deserves. – diana4paws1heart.org/donations/

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