TNR – Our Commitment to Spay/Neuter

1/17/22 – Wishing Betty White a Heavenly Birthday. She was surely met by the thousands of animals saved because of her advocacy. Her commitment to spay/neuter saved thousands more from being born on the streets with no one to care. 4 Paws 1 Heart has had a strong commitment to spaying and neutering every animal we assist. In the past 11 years we have helped over 9,000 animals and paid almost $1.2 million in medical treatment which included spay/neuter. Unlike female dogs who may not have their first heat until they are 6 months old (many breeds may not have their first heat until they are one year old), a female cat’s reproduction ability starts as early as 4 months old and can produce a litter every 3 months. This cycle will continue through most of her life unless she is spayed. Assuming that the female has an average of 5 kittens per litter, that is another 15 cats annually who will go on to either producing more kittens or impregnating females. You can easily do the math and understand why Ms. White was such an advocate of spay/neuter. We can never stop humane euthanasia in the shelters or death on the streets until we can reduce the overpopulation of our stray and abandoned animals. Having said that I also want to acknowledge the importance of low-cost clinics. Without All About Animals Rescue, Comfort’s Place, The PAWS Clinic, and the Humane Society of St. Clair (SNAP), 4 Paws 1 Heart could not have afforded to spay/neuter/vaccinate the many animals we have helped since 2010. And, without them, many responsible pet owners could not have afforded to do the same. Here are two commitments 4 Paws 1 Heart has recently made for cat communities we have been asked to help. For one project, we were asked by the manager of The PAWS Clinic in Taylor if we could sponsor the spay/neuter of a large community that they were contacted about. As the cats come in, we cover the expense. In the other recent project which is closer to Grand Rapids we were asked by a friend of 4 paws 1 Heart who does a great deal of TNR locally, if we could help in a situation where there is about 20+ cats. In all of these cases, it takes a Village (as I’ve said so often). It takes someone to identify the issue and to coordinate trappers, transporters, and sponsors, and then finding that low-cost clinic who will work on a schedule that is not always easily planned.So, in honor of the beloved Betty White, I ask our supporters to consider donating in honor of her love and support for the voiceless. Remember that 100% of your donation goes directly to the medical treatment of those who have no one else. – Bos 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080#BettyWhiteChallenge

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