2/7/23 – In Chance’s household we have Chance who has been tested and treated the past few months, Bobbi, Bridgette, and Trixie who Chance reports on here. Along with Chance’s team, Muffins is still seeking an answer to her continuous nasal discharge (which, if you haven’t seen it, is so sad and has to be miserable). This doesn’t include the normal Village of needs which you will be reading more about as we go forward — dogs with heart worm, cats limping, and just the usual array of needs. So here is Chance’s report:

“CHANCE: Hey there Team!
Soooo the rest of Trixie’s bloodwork came back and thankfully she is not diabetic. We are super happy about that and we’re able to get Trixie’s dental scheduled for the same day as Olivers! So they will be together which will be awesome for Trixie because she adores Oliver and is always giving him nose boops and kisses
So the dental is set for Feb 27th, and this will also give time for the antibiotics to clear the infection and for us to help raise the funds for her dental.
Bobbi’s bloodwork also came back today and showed slightly elevated white count but no hyperthyroidism as we suspected and no Diabetes either. Everything else looked good. So the Dr wants us to start vitamin B injections at home. That will help if she has any bowel inflammation and will also stimulate her appetite. Thank goodness 4 Paws 1 Heart is also there for Bobbi. Its always something with us special needs kids, we are so grateful for 4p1h and Team Chance. Please donate if you are able to help with Trixie’s Dental. Well, that’s all the updates for tonight Team, we love you to Pluto!!! “

As our supporters can see, your donations mean everything to making a difference in the lives of so many abandoned and stray animals roaming our streets. We couldn’t do without the support of thousands of animal lovers. Hope to see you many of our supporters tomorrow night at our fundraiser. We are all looking forward to lots of fun. – diana.

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