Message about Heartworm Disease

Please Share, Lucy here would like to ask all of you dog lovers to please remember to give monthly Heart-worm Preventative. Heart-worm is contracted from a mosquito and the worms live in the chambers of your dogs heart, multiply, and if untreated it is fatal. This is becoming more and more common in dog’s from all areas. After mating the baby worms then travel through the bloodstream and are picked up by un-infected mosquitoes and then transmitted to the next dog. Lucy tested positive and is a survivor, but she does suffer permanent damage due to the worm burden that she had in her heart. A blood test is done once a year from your vet to check for Heartworm Disease, and your pet can show no symptoms until it’s too late. This is not a parasite in the feces. The treatment is costly and can be life threatening as the worms are being destroyed, so please take this very seriously and prevent it from happening to you animal. Cat’s are also at risk too! . Visit for more information on the life cycle of this parasite and talk to your veterinarian for more information. Gina

Jane’s Story

6/21/13 Jane’s Story — When I read about Jane, my heart broke and I knew 4 Paws 1 Heart just had to help. Living in a vacant house, she was attacked by a pack of dogs and would have surely been killed. Thankfully, Laura of Mutts of Motown, rescued this girl and made her what she is today. It was also our lucky day. Because of Jane, Laura and her Mutts of Motown, is a great rescue friend. Here’s is Laura’s news ~ diana:

“This morning, our Jane, who was attacked by a pack of dogs in Detroit, then tested positive for heartworm, got a total heartworm free, clean bill of health. Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart, for helping with her costly heartworm treatment. Thanks to Rakestraw Animal Hospital for spending so much time and care during her pre treatment testing, her treatments, and follow ups. It seems sometimes to take an entire village to rescue one of these sweethearts!! We’re happy to say this girl is friendly with everyone she meets, but is, understandably afraid of other dogs. Shes ready and waiting for her family to find her with Mutts of Motown Rescue!! Thanks again.” Laura

Bubba Needs Your Prayers

Bubba was rescued from the middle of I-75. Found to be heart-worm positive, now he is suffering from a reaction to the treatment. Please keep him in your prayers and as an added precaution, 4 Paws 1 Heart has sent some medical dollars to help in Bubba’s recovery. ~ diana
Bubba Update ~ We got a call from the Emergency Vet with an update on Bubba, he continues to vomit, they are starting him on I.V. Fluids, he has gotten a steroid injection, blood work is being done, and x-rays of his abdomen to look for any possible issues in his stomach. His body temperature is low, gums are pale white, and breathing is shallow. Bubba recently went through Heartworm Treatment, this appears to be a reaction from the treatment. Please say a prayer for him.

Lewis is sick and needed medical help!

Lewis is sick and our friends at Better Life Canine Center needed help!! Lewis was saved from a shelter, went through Heartworm Treatment a few months ago, and is now sick :-(. He’s was tested to determine if he still has a few live heartworms, and for some reason he’s lethargic, vomitting, and has other stomach problems too. 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy to send some medical dollars to help Lewis.