Bubba Needs Your Prayers

Bubba was rescued from the middle of I-75. Found to be heart-worm positive, now he is suffering from a reaction to the treatment. Please keep him in your prayers and as an added precaution, 4 Paws 1 Heart has sent some medical dollars to help in Bubba’s recovery. ~ diana
Bubba Update ~ We got a call from the Emergency Vet with an update on Bubba, he continues to vomit, they are starting him on I.V. Fluids, he has gotten a steroid injection, blood work is being done, and x-rays of his abdomen to look for any possible issues in his stomach. His body temperature is low, gums are pale white, and breathing is shallow. Bubba recently went through Heartworm Treatment, this appears to be a reaction from the treatment. Please say a prayer for him.
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