Good people working together!

We received a call from someone who asked if we could help with a stray cat that had been wandering the streets for at least a year. We offered to help pay for medical if they were willing to hold on to the cat until a rescue was available for permanent placement. When the cat was brought in we tested her for feline leukemia and fiv and she tested negative, but we took an x-ray because her belly was big. We discovered she was very pregnant. Thanks to networking on our 4 Paws 1 Heart, page someone saw the story and was willing to help foster the mom until the babies are weaned. In the meantime, we’re looking for a rescue as backup for the kittens. The foster mom said Livingston County shelter is willing to take the kittens once they are old enough. The woman who initially found Precious will take her back and permanently give her a forever home once she is done nursing the kittens. ~ gina

Pregnant Dog At the Macomb Animal Control Shelter

So, last night I was lucky enough to be home when Michelle from A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue called wondering if I knew of any rescues who could help out with a pregnant dog she had just seen at the Macomb Animal Control Shelter. A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue had just rescued Holly from the shelter and didn’t have any room. I made a few contacts, and our very good friends at Heroes for Homeless Animals agreed to meet Michelle in the morning at the shelter. Well, here is momma. She is safe in the ‘arms’ of Heroes and it looks like she may be having 8 puppies. 4 Paws 1 Heart will help with medical dollars. Another example of lives saved by groups working together. ~ diana