Fiona Now

Fiona is a 13 week old bundle of joy!  She was found in an abandoned house in Detroit, scared, alone and on her death bed.  A good Samaritan heard her cries for help and took her into the Emergency Clinic.  It turns out that Fiona had Parvo.  Parvo is a deadly virus the puppies who are not fully vaccinated can get and most puppies do not make it through Parvo.  However, with the combined efforts of 4 Paws 1 Heart and the wonderful staff at the clinic, Fiona made it through the Parvo treatment.  A Rejoyceful Rescue offered to take in beautiful Fiona to help find her a permanent home.
Fiona is now happy, healthy, and 100% recovered from the Parvo.  A Rejoyceful Rescue said that they can’t thank 4P1H and the Emergency clinic staff enough for saving this precious little girl.

Fiona when rescued

As a result of Fiona’s rough start to her life, she is a bit timid of new people; it takes her a minute to warm up to someone.  Fiona is super smart and pretty and would love to have an experienced family to call her own.

Thank You A Rejoyceful Rescue for taking this baby in; 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there for you when you need us!!


Update Sadie is Now Sasha

Gina had earlier posted that a family she knew was looking for a German Shepherd.  Well, after no one stepped up to help Sadie (Sasha), she thought that she would take a try and contact the family to see if maybe they would be interested in this little sweetie.  Well, the potential dad drove from Roseville to Richmond, where she was being fostered, to meet with Sadie.  Well, the rest is history,  On April 12, the family adopted Sadie and named her Sasha.  Here is an e-mail we received from Sasha’s new grandma (a retired Animal Control Officer who was one of the best):

“Hi Gina,  Nick and Sarah just left our house with Sasha.  She is beautiful.  I would say she is about 5 months old and is a pit with mostly lab mix.  She is going to be spoiled, I can tell.  I gave Nick a crate and we tried to get the dog house inside their car but it would not fit so one day I will have to bring it to them if they want it.  They also have 2 new leashes and a toy from grandma and grandpa.  So, I just want to say thank you and Nick and Sarah know they have a liftime commitment to this cute little pup.  Take Care and thank you again.”