This is Princess.  A Police Officer, who met Diana and I at the WA2SDogs of Detroit Forum,  reached out to us for help with this dog who was recently an owner surrender because she had Cherry Eye.

Princess became very ill quickly and could not walk.  Her foster took her in for medical care twice with no diagnosis.  As a result, shortly afterward, the new foster had exhausted all his funds by spending hundreds of dollars in medical bills and still with no answer.  4 Paws 1 Heart offered to help and our doctors diagnosed Princess with Pancreatitis.  She is hospitalized and currently being treated.  Once she is successfully treated, she’ll go back to her foster who is seriously considering permanent adoption. Gina  4/17/12

Baby Kitten (Simba)




I couldn’t pick which photo to show so here are four.  4 Paws 1 Heart’s name was given to someone who contacted a local vet hospital.  They had found a newborn kitten that was in need of hand raising.  I offered to pick the kitten up. He is about 1-2 days old and very tiny!  So far he is eating great :). He has the biggest toes I’ve ever seen!  I’m guessing he weighs about 2.5 oz if that.  Gina  4/17/12