Neglected Dog – Dog Aide

I wish we could have done something more than just pay for euthanasia but at least she is no longer suffering. Be With God ~ diana

About an hour ago Dog Aide received a call for help from a woman who has been feeding this dog for a year now. The dog was owned but neglected. Today the she found the dog laying on the ground, not moving, not eating or drinking. She rushed it to an emergency vet, only to find out the dog was dehydrated, had a horrible case of mastitis, was septic and was already in the process of dying. The ER vet did the best thing they could do, which was humanly euthanize the poor dog. Because the woman who brought the dog in hadn’t much money, 4 Paws 1 Heart was able to cover the cost. If anyone is able to donate to 4 Paws 1 Heart, please do. They do amazing work and are also in need of funds. Thank you everyone. -Santa

Pepito – Dog Aide 2012

4P1H is happy that we can continue to help save God’s forgotten and abandoned through our partner rescue groups. We are happy to help with medical bills for Dog Aide 2012 – Community Awareness. They do so much to help the homeless and those who are in families who can’t afford to feed themselves let alone their pets. They are on the streets educating and working to make a difference. ~ diana

Orphan Puppies

This puppy is one of 6 who has survived (so far).  The mom’s chain broke and she got hit by a car leaving 8 puppies on their own.  Two have since died and this little guy is critical.  We are hoping that our dollars help. Please word appropriately.

“4P1H is happy to be helping our friends at Loveabull Paws Rescue with these poor orphans’ medical bills. One thing we know for sure is that they couldn’t be in better hands. May God be with them. ~ diana”

Hercules Hydrotherapy Session

“Just wanted to give a quick report on Hercules’ hydrotherapy session at 4Paws Health & Wellness. It went great!! Lori Jobak was wonderful with our little guy and he took to the water quickly — paddling a way. He was even using his back legs to swim which Lori said is a good thing. We signed up for 13 lessons and Lori has been very generous in taking on our little rescue. Gina will be getting into the pool with him for future sessions. Please check out 4Paws Health & Wellness as well as Bark A Bout. We’ll be posting photo’s and video’s later. ~ diana”

Thank You from Hercules

I just want to again thank everyone for their prayers and generosity. Hercules continues to amaze and it’s just mind boggling what lots of love and attention has done to make him stronger. I swear that he’s becoming quite the ham. Here’s another photo of him when we were at the Paul Mitchell School. As soon as things slow down a little, 4 Paws 1 Heart will once again be there to help our rescue friends. Although, we were able to deliver dog food to Misfit Angels Rescue, cat food and litter to A Scooter’s ResQ, and linens to A Rejoyceful Animals Rescue. We look forward to getting even more food and supplies at my next gathering of friends and family.~diana

Simba Adoption

At 28 days old, Simba was adopted to Chrissy and her brother, Matthew.  Chrissy has been working overtime to fundraise for Hercules and in the process fell in love with our Simba.  Matthew is the Animal Control Officer/Hero who made it his job to save Hercules and get his owner charged with animal cruelty.  We are thrilled for Simba, Chrissy, and Matthew.

In Memory of Little Maggie

Little Maggie was one of the Trailer Park Kitties and was being fostered by a local rescue group.  She was a little girl and never caught up to size and stamina of her sister.  She was unable to keep food in her system and due to all the efforts of many who tried to make this little angel pull through, Maggie just couldn’t thrive on her own and has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Little Maggie ! ♥♥♥

She was very loved while she was here on earth and will be missed.


“I just want to make sure that all of our supporters know that when you make a donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart, you will get a thank you card and a donation receipt. Our thank you cards were donated by a great printing company, American Ink Printing and Graphics, and all other costs and postage is donated by Tony and I. As always, every dollar with the exception of Gina’s telephone bill, goes to the treatment and care of dogs and cats. ~ diana”

Hercules Central

“Things continue to be a little crazy here at Hercules Central. As I work to respond to e-mails, write thank you notes, and issue receipts for donations, and do updates, I’m failing to keep as current on our Rescue Partners’ needs. I hope to complete all of the “paperwork” by the end of this week and be back to normal. I can tell you this, though, we are absolutely looking forward to helping more furbabies, so stay tuned and in touch. Here’s our photo board of some of the many who have been helped by 4P1H~ diana