Ivy, 7 week old Kitten

11/11/12 IVY UPDATE: Ivy is a trooper. She is hanging in there while being treated with ear mites, fleas, coccidia, roundworms, and an eye infection. We are doing everything we possibly can for her. She still has a slight abnormality to her eyes
but she is totally functional. She is about 7 weeks old, with long hair, flame point, and is super loving. She loves to talk, be held, and follow you everywhere. I’ll send another update in a few days once we give her more time to be hospitalized. ~ gina

This is IVY. She is about 7 weeks old, female, and long haired. This little kitten was seen in the middle of the street a couple of nights ago when a woman almost hit her. She brought her into the emergency vet and the rescuer signed her over to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Ivy is currently hospitalized for dehydration, undernourishment, and severe parasitism. Any rescues or adopters who would like to take in Ivy should contact gina at gina.4paws1heart@gmail.com

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