Molly Back Home Safe – ID Your Animals

Although Molly is back home safe and sound there are many other pets getting lost every day. I’d like to remind everyone to have ID on your animal at all times. Most of you know I’m a tech at an emergency hospital and on a daily basis we get concerned residents calling about stray dogs and cats many of them are injured and terrified most of them never make it back home. My mom didn’t have a collar on Molly because one of her other dogs got his tag caught on something and he almost choked. This was a lesson learned for her. Molly was micro-chipped but that does no good unless the animal is brought to a place where they can scan them, and sometimes the readers fail to work. You can write with a sharpie on the collar or get a tag that clamps to the collar itself. If your looking for your animal post flyers everywhere with a reward (gives people incentive), call all the surrounding police departments, animal control officers, veterinary hospitals, postal carriers, ups and fed x drivers, landscapers, post on craigs list, and on “For the love of Louie” the last two have been very helpful in reuniting animals with their owners. Think about how much medical care is for your injured pet. Who is going to pay for that if they get hurt? Some get lucky and get another chance, but many out there don’t… Please share this information with your family and friends.. ~ Gina

2/11/13 A New Letter from Our Hercules

2/11/13  Here’s a new letter from our Hercules:
Hello everyone!
Sorry to be away for so long.  We have been very busy at my house.  My folks took a little vacation which meant that I got to get away with lots of stuff with the pet sitter!  My new tricks include stealing things off the kitchen counter and climbing up onto them too (rear legs completely off the floor with elbows up – better for checking things out).  I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I can’t get into as much trouble as the next pup just because I have some minor rear leg issues!  Lately there haven’t been too many goodies on the counter though, which is a bummer!  They must be figuring this trick out.  I will have to come up with another new one soon.
The new Pawsitive Steps Rehab office is apparently coming along well and mom says that I will soon get to go to work with her everyday, which will mean lots of car rides and play time for me.  It sounds like lots of fun, so I am looking forward to that.  In the meantime, I have been going to the mall and obedience school and spending lots of time playing in the snow.
Stay pawsitive!
Hercules (& Dr. K)
Dr. Tari Kern
Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Tari Kern, DVM, CVMA, CCRP