Many times a day our local rescue groups receive dozens of calls from people needing help in placing the abandoned and abused. Even though we are not a rescue we also receive our share of requests. We also receive requests from individual, good Samaritans who want to save but can’t afford the medical bills. When we can, we try to help. But sometimes it takes some serious coordinating and assistance from our rescue partners. This is such a case.

Here is Sheldon’s story as brought to our attention from Noel, a 4P1H friend:

“There is one sweet guy that is unaltered and is sick with an infection. His ear is about the size of a golf ball. I feed hm wet and dry but he is still a rack of bones. He is in desperate need of medical care. I would have taken him myself but I just don’t have the money. If there is any way you would be able to help this poor kitty I would be so grateful.

“This cat has a long story. I was walking a friend’s dog 3 yrs. ago when I saw this darling kitten. There was a man near by and I said what a cute kitty. The guy said if you want him take him, I thought he was kidding. However, this is the poor cat I’ve been caring for. He sleeps on my porch in the bad weather and sits on my door mat and waits for me to look out the window in the evening when it’s time for dinner. He is a tame cat, not a feral. He has a beautiful face and a sweet personality. If I could afford to keep him I would but I already have 1 foster failure, 1 rescue, and have taken in two cats off the street. I do the best I can to help but this one I’m just not able to save. But he is worth saving and deserves a better life. Thank you for trying to help, I will appreciate anything your able to do for this sweet boy. Thank you, Noel.”

The rest of the story: Noel agreed to take in this sweetheart as a foster while we would try to find a rescue who could take in Sheldon when they had room. Once again, Tigerlily came through for all of us and will take Sheldon into their rescue as soon as they have a foster available. In the mean time, 4P!H paid to have Sheldon’s ear examined and have Sheldon tested and vaccinated. We will also pay for his ear surgery and neuter which will be scheduled in the near future. We made this commitment a few weeks before Keller came into our lives and funds were put aside to take care of it. We are so happy that we could take one more baby off of the streets and keep others from being born. A huge thank you to Noel and Tigerlily Cat Rescue.

Blind Keller with his Friend

8/30/13  Keller: “Auntie Gina is now home from vacation and we can find out when I have my surgery. All of my friends have donated $2,235. I’m a little scared but if I can spend the rest of my life with you, it will be all good.”

Taz: “I love you like a brother from another mother”. xox

“Another of Keller and Taz who have become friends and sleep together every night”  ~ Pat
8/29/13  Keller Donations Update: Thank You to so many of our friends for your generosity. We now have $2,135 in Keller’s medical account. ~~~Many hugs and nose kisses from Keller!   diana
Blind Keller and his blind little friend Tazzy



Sully’s Story

8/28/13  I’m sharing the following story for two reasons — 1) We think so much of Paws For A Cause Feral Cat Rescue, we provided some medical dollars to them in July, knowing they had so many difficult cases. We didn’t post anything at the time although we always want to let our supporters know where the money goes; 2) We thought Sully’s story would be interesting to our supporters in light of what is currently going on with our Keller and having learned about Phaedra and Keller. Here’s Sully’s story — we were glad to help ~ diana

Update on our Sully boy! Well, I started noticing Sully didn’t seem to be seeing out of his good eye as well as I hoped and the eyelids looked abnormal, so off to the vet we went yesterday for a recheck. Good news/Bad news- The good news is he is happy and healthy regardless of his eyes! The bad news is he does not have vision in the remaining eye and the eyelids are not fully formed. This is likely a genetic abnormality, as mom is blind as well. We will wait until he is bigger and ready to be neutered before we decided whether to remove the “good” eye. If Sully can see shadows we will leave the eye in and do reconstructive surgery on the lid instead of a removal. Poor little buddy, but he is running around playing with his new friends and enjoying life:) Mom (Momma Meez) is very scared and unhappy and VERY feral, so we are figuring out the next step with her..

“Nelson”, a 10 month old, Male, Chihuahua

8/20/13  This little guy got a 2nd chance at life because of 4 Paws 1 Heart but there continues to be so many that need our help.

His name is “Nelson”, a 10 month old, Male, Chihuahua who was very sick and in need of surgery. Without surgery to remove the wire he ingested he could die. 4 Paws 1 Heart offered to pay for the needed medical care and Nelson is scheduled go to a wonderful rescue group as soon as he is recovered. Nelson was also neutered while in surgery and he had some long-overdue baby teeth that needed to be removed because they didn’t fall out when they were supposed to. ~ gina

Bella, Found by a Good Samaritan

8/19/13  This little girl was found by a good Samaritan almost 4 weeks ago after nearly being hit by a car. There has been contact with the party listed in the microchip records but they did not wish to claim her. Bella is now with a wonderful rescue organization and she will one day find her forever, loving home. A big thank you to Gina for trying so hard to find her family and for taking care of her. ~ diana

Thank You to Our Event Sponsors

8/15/13  Thank you to some 50 friends who came out to Valentine Distilling to support 4 Paws 1 Heart.  A special thank you to our sponsors and those who donated some great raffle prizes for our raffle:  DTE Energy-Electric, Cheryl Wojtowycz, Pamela Willer, Andiamo Riverfront, and Ellen Wexler

Keller…Someone Heard his Cry Outside

8/11/13  Someone heard his cry outside… Imagine being lost, alone, scared, hungry, terrified, and not able to see. Well… This kitten about 10 weeks old was found with an abnormality to both eyes leaving him without site and more than vulenerable to the dangers surrounding him like cars, etc. When the good Samaritan called me because they wanted to know if “4 paws 1 heart” would help, I said yes, and met her in a parking lot where she delivered this scared helpless kitten to me… He is now being treated medically by us and he will go see a specialist soon. If there is someone who can foster him on a temporary basis for me please contact me asap. He is a “special needs” kitten and he will need daily eye meds until we know more. He is using the litter box, eating and drinking fine and in a small spare room. He loves to be held and he loves attention, and he is giving little kisses of appreciation. A true little angel.. Gina

8/11/13  Another picture of our stray kitten who can not see.. We are hoping that the specialist can help us get him through this with the goal to recover some vision. We anticipate this will mean surgery..maybe more than one.. Please read storybelow.. This is what “4 Paws 1 Heart” is about..helping give the stray injured animals a 2nd chance. If you would like to donate to our cause you would be helping us help them by continuing to pay medical bills. Thank you.. Gina
8/12/13  8/12/13 KELLER UPDATE: Gina was meeting with a potential foster tonight who is retired and is the mom of a blind dog. An appointment has been made with the eye specialist for Thursday morning. Keller is doing well under Gina’s care but we would like to know asap the prognosis for his eyes so that we can prepare to do what is necessary. Gina or I will post an update on the final foster decision and we sincerely thank everyone who stepped up to help us and this little guy out. Don’t forget that Bobby still needs a forever home and, like Keller, he is a little loverbug. ~ diana
8/17/13  Good Beautiful Saturday Morning! Thought that I would share Gina’s report on our little Keller: “Keller, is with his new foster mommy here. He is getting a ton of love and we have an appointment set up for next Wednesday with the specialist. After researching and talking to a couple veterinarians we believe that Keller has a rare congenital abnormality with both eyes leaving him blind. However, he is playful, eating, drinking, giving kisses, curious, and purring just like any other cat. Keller is very, very special and he deserves the best chance to experience all that life has to give him and we are going to make sure that happens ” ~ Gina
8/21/13  Keller goes to the doctor this afternoon to get a prognosis on his eyes. Wish our little guy luck. Thank You, Pat for taking him to the specialist and for taking good care of our little guy. ~ diana
Per Pat:  “Blind little Keller is adapting very well and is getting all the love and attention he needs. Granddaughter Lily loves him too:)”
8/22/13  KELLER NEEDS OUR HELP: If every one of our friends could donate $1 (under the ‘donations’ button on this page or our website), we could raise enough money to help our Keller. Unfortunately, a bill like this would deplete our funds. Do we give him a chance on life?? Here is the Specialist’s diagnosis and prognosis:

“Keller is going to require a double eye enucleation (both eyes removed). The cost is going to run about $1,500 and could be up to $2,000. Due to the severity of his condition of being born with eyes so small and then the way his eyelids formed abnormally, he will need surgery. The one eye has already ruptured, and the other will follow eventually. The specialist said this was congenital and could have been the result of the mom being exposed to viral or toxin during her pregnancy. Doctor Easton believes Keller will live a long healthy life but if the eyes are not removed he is at risk for aggressive cancer down the line. In the meantime, his foster mom, Pat, is administering medication to keep Keller comfortable. He isn’t showing any signs of distress at this time and continues to be playful and enjoying the attention of his foster family.:” ~ gina–

8/23/13  KELLER DONATIONS UPDATE: As of 5:15 p.m. we have $778 (net) with more coming in. I say net because paypal does charge a service fee. Thank You to all of our supporters for helping our baby. Here is a new photo from Mama Pat — Keller in his new bed. I also heard that Keller and his little blind chihuahua buddy were sleeping together. Gina will be talking with the eye specialist to determine the best time to schedule surgery. We still need funds but, like I said, we will find a way!! Hugs to all of our supporters from Keller. ~ diana

Sweet Keller in his new comfy little bed. He loves it. ♥♥♥

8/24/13  KELLER DONATIONS UPDATE; 24 Hours later and we now have a net of $1,250.80 for Keller’s operation. Gina has been in contact with the doctor and has asked when it will be safest to perform the operation. We could still use the help of our supporters in that the operation may be between $1,500 and $2,000. Thus far, 51 of our friends have donated; I have sent 35 thank you letters, and will send out the remaining thank you letters tomorrow. We believe that every donation is meaningful and deserves acknowledgement. Tony and I donate all postage and office supplies so that none of your donations are spent on the superfluous — just our fur babies. To be able to help this little guy makes my heart swell and I know that many you feel the same. Thank you for sharing, caring, and donating. Again, I will keep everyone updated and Pat has promised to send us a current video. ~ diana

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