Dig Dug Update

DIG DUG UPDATE:  7/31/13 – We heard from this sweet boy’s rescuers. His name is Dig Dug and no one has claimed him. Consequently, he was neutered and vaccinated and made ready to find his forever home. BullMastiff Rescuers will be posting this guy on their Petfinder page — just in case anyone is interested. ~ diana

Please Help Save Mattie!!

July 30, 2013  PLEASE HELP SAVE MATTIE!!! She was picked up this week by Lisa, Animal Control, and tested positive for Parvo. She has been at Hoover Road Animal Hospital since then and is holding her own but she needs to get out of the hospital. Her spirits are very low which doesn’t help in her recovery. Our friends at Providing for Paws has been looking for a foster. If you could foster for PFP or our a rescue who could take Mattie, please contact me asap. [email protected] 4 Paws 1 Heart is paying for her hospital stay the hospital cannot keep her beyond tomorrow.
August 2, 2013  Update: Our good friends at Mutts of Motown have taken in Mattie for a few days to give us more time to find someone to help. We also think that we might have a foster if the foster’s two dogs get along with Mattie. She’s only about 25 lbs and is now on after care meds. ~ diana

Dapper and Handsome Had A Strain of K9 Flu

7/29/13 Our friends from Mutts of Motown had a harrowing two weeks worried about these beauties who became deathly ill. They both have blue eyes and are deaf which is usually an indication that they have a genetic deficiency and may have a low immune system. After nearly two weeks of near death symptoms and treatment, it was determined that Dapper and Handsome had contracted a strain of K9 influenza. They are now on the road to recovery and 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy we could play a role in helping these beauties get better. We will never forget our friends who helped us with Charlie! ~ diana

Cats and Kittens Stuffed in a Carrier, Left to Die in a Motel Room

7/29/13: I received a call from Matt, one of our favorite animal control officers in Sterling Heights. He found 11 kittens and two nursing moms stuffed in a small carrier left at a motel in his City. He was calling for help because he had no where else to go with them. As many of you know, every rescue is very full and they all need fosters very badly. Fortunately, our good friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue once again came through. Matt’s supportive boss allowed Matt to meet with the foster on July 30 and deliver all of the cats and kittens who will now have a second chance. Check out Tigerlily if you are interested. ~ diana

Meet Pip and Squeak

7/29/13  Meet Pip and Squeak who were rescued by our friends at Dog Aide – 2012 when they received an urgent call from a family who’s dog was killing all of her newborn puppies. They rushed right over and found that Pip had a very large abscess on her face and Squeak had a few open sores on her belly and legs. They were taken directly to the vet. They both had horrible infections but are now on the fast track to being healthy and no longer on the brink of death.
4 Paws 1 Heart is very happy to have been able to send some medical dollars to help in the recovery of these very special babies. Please check out their progress on the Dog Aide – 2012 facebook page. ~ diana

Breezy Tested Negative

7/28/13 We are saying Goodnight with some wonderful news!! Our little Breezy tested negative last night for Feline Leukemia and his foster mom will be making Breezy a permanent member of the household. Thank You, Sabrina, for whatever strings you may have pulled up in heaven. ~ diana

Positive Energy and Prayers for Bob

7/27/13 POSITIVE ENERGY AND PRAYERS FOR BOB – Found as a stray, male kitten at about 11 weeks old. He is full of parasites and was making baby steps of improvement until yesterday when he had a seizure. We will continue to provide medical care for him around the clock while giving him the chance to see how he does with responding to treatment. ~ gina

7/29/13  Update:  Bob has not had any more seizures and will soon be looking for his forever home. ~ gina

Found in an Alley, Broken Jaw and Displaced Hip….

It was just two months ago that our girl was rescued by a police office and an animal control officer. We told her story — found in an alley with a broken jaw and displaced hip from being hit by a car. A benefactor helped with her surgery and a kind-hearted, knowledgeable veterinary technician took her in to foster. Although the adoption papers have not been signed, we’re hoping that this wonderful person makes Pistol Annie her own. And, yes, one of the photos does show Pistol Annie playing with a goat. Makes your heart feel good; doesn’t it??? ~ diana

July 27, 2013 Update:  Wonderful News!!!  Pistol Annie has been officially adopted by her foster mom, Traci.  Thank you, Traci for everything you’ve done for our girl.  As I said, it was fate the day you met her at the hospital where you work. ~ diana

Meet Nia

7/11/13  More help for our rescue friends who help us so much when a sick or abandoned animal comes our way. Meet Nia. Nia lost an eye as a result of her owner using an inexpensive flea treatment. She has been through a lot but thankfully when Tigerlily received the call from the veterinary’s office advising that her owner had surrendered her. Tigerlily, once again, came through. 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we could help with her medical bills. Anyone interested in adopting this sweetheart should contact Tigerlily Cat Rescue. ~ Diana