Dolly Update

Dolly all dolled up!

Dolly was able to get an MRI and an exam done at the Animal Neurology Center in Commerce Twp. We were fortunate that we had financial backing for this exam and test in that costs could run into the thousands. The results of the tests indicate that Dolly suffered trauma to her head causing a rare condition called a Hygroma. This is something that the neurologist said they are lucky if they see this once a year. As a result of the head trauma, Dolly has lost most of her vision. She is just over 1 year old and has a lot of puppy energy in her, but her prognosis is guarded. At any moment she could become neurologic, have seizures, or get worse. The only thing that can be done for Dolly is to wait and see if there any changes. Surgery is a last resort only if her condition worsens. Surgery would entail removing the pressure from the area on her brain and hoping that she makes a smooth recovery. We are accepting applications for Dolly BUT she must go to a special home where there are no other animals and no small children. She needs a quiet and safe environment. The Perfect Home would be with a retiree or a retired couple who can give her much love and attention. Dolly is in no way suffering; she is a very happy girl. We do not know much about her previous environment or when her vision declined, but we do know that it has been going on approximately two months. If you think that you can give Dolly that special home please email me for more information.

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