Misfit no More!

 We always want to be there for our individual rescue friends, the animals brought into the emergency hospitals, and our rescue friends who help us. Meet Beeker who is with Misfit Angels. Here is his story. ~ diana

“Misfit Beeker – 5 year old Shih Tzu
Misfit Beeker was picked up by animal control sitting in the middle of the road in pretty bad shape! This poor girl is full of infection inside and out She went to the vet on 5-3-14 and has chronic skin and ear infections. Her ears were so swollen and full of puss the vet didnt mess with them yet! She is getting ear drops to take down the swelling. Her nails were starting to grow into her feet! She also has a urinary track infection! She has a hernia that will be taken care of when she is healthy enough to have surgery! She does have a low grad heart murmur that should not cause her any future problems. She is going back to the vet on 5-8-14 to have a Heartworm test. We pray that is negative!! She will also be getting groomed because she is just a matted mess. She has a long road of healing and learning to trust again! She is potty and crate trained though!”

Must Read Update About Mustang..

Mustang Update: Remember Mustang? 4 paws 1 heart took him in after a 4p1h friend, Evet, saw him hit by a car on May 5, 2014. He was 8 weeks old and was treated for head trauma. We weren’t sure if he’d make it but with everyone’s prayers, he is doing great and is ready for his forever home. Look at what a little doll he is. Anyone interested in adopting this sweetie should contact [email protected] Here he is today and how he looked when Evet brought him into the emergency. ~ diana




Beautiful Bella gets a chance!

Thank you for saving me Nicole

Meet Bella. Our good friend, Nicole, rescuer of many, contacted us about this beautiful blue pittie. A very kind woman found her wandering the streets in a very tough area. Bella is only six weeks old and, of course, when we were asked, we agreed to pay for her vetting, vaccinating, and testing. When the time comes, we will pay for her spaying. As I’ve told our supporters many times, 4p1h will always follow through with spaying/neutering and then the adopter is on their own for future medical needs. Fortunately, the rescuer of Bella has no pets and is very excited to make this very sweet girl her forever family member. ~ diana

Happy Helena!

Remember our baby, Helena? She was rescued from a junkyard and required the removal of her eye. We didn’t know if she would survive because of her severe infection but with much love and care from our friend, Nicole Norton, she is healthy and now much loved. I love the fact that we are able to make a difference in the lives of so many but could never do it without the support of our friends. Look at our girl Helena She hit the jackpot, all snuggled up with her new mom. ~ diana
Helena now all cozied up on her Mama