Bricks – Survived Parvo

1/18/15 – In December we were contacted by Friends of Scooby who needed help with a puppy who had contracted Parvo. At the time, we were happy to help and add to the funds already raised by the rescue. We always tell those who we have made an investment in, that when the time comes, we are always willing to help with spaying and neutering. Thankfully, Bricks is ready to be neutered and not only will we get this guy neutered but we will pay for the neuter and spay of his buddies, By and Sammie. Our mission continues to be all about reducing the number of homeless animals by providing medical treatment and to 4 Paws 1 Heart, critical medical treatment is always spaying/neutering. Here is an update from Megan and a before and after photo of Bricks. Megan calls us her heroes but in reality the heroes are all of our supporters who continue to financially support us. Without the finances, rescue would be impossible.~ diana

I just wanted to Thank you again and give you an update on Bricks.
He is thriving! The vet suspects he may be a little older than we originally thought as his puppy canines are starting to fall out which means going on 6 months old. He was malnourished which could have a lot to do with his stunted growth and how sick he ended up being. He is eating puppy food now – 3 healthy meals a day. He loves to play but his favorite toy is tennis balls! He has gained 7 pounds since Christmas! He is set to be neutered at the end of this month and as soon as he heals will be placed up for adoption. smile emoticon
You made all of this possible! You are my hero!
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