URGENT – Rocky Has Been Returned

URGENT! PLEASE SHARE.. Remember Rocky? He came to us in October, 2014, dying from Leptospirosis. We saved his life. He is under a year old, 55 pounds, neutered, and up to date with vaccines. He needs a good home with someone who is serious about making him a new addition to the family. He has a ton of love to offer, very active, very smart, eager to please, and just ADORABLE. Please email me for more information. [email protected]  


Foster/Rescue Needed -Animal Cruelty At Its Worst – One Minute He’s a Pet, the Next He Is Abandoned – Meet Sam

1/22/15 – We received a call from a volunteer rescuer today about this very sweet boy who was left behind when his owners moved. He is about 29 lbs when he should be closer to 55 lbs. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for his vetting but he could not receive any more treatment due to his emaciated state. We are committed to taking care of his vaccinations and neutering when he is healthy. The rescuer, who believes he was left in the house for many weeks, and who needed to be let into the home by the owner, can keep him overnight but this boy, Sam, needs a foster/ and/or rescue by tomorrow. If you can provide a safe home, please contact Harry at 847-284-0912 or [email protected]

4 Paws 1 Heart – In the Beginning — There Was Hercules

dianaHerc111141/22/15 – When Gina and I started 4 Paws 1 Heart we never imagined that we would have over 6,300 followers a little over 4 years later. Nor, did we ever imagine that we would pay a little over $84,500 in medical bills in 2014. Since our beginning we have had much success but far too many stories of abuse. Our Hercules was our first case that sickened us and pushed us to do even more in animal advocacy. I would guess that there are many friends who recently started to follow us who don’t know about Hercules. And for you, I thought I would share his media story when Gina first took him in. As always, we want to thank our early supporters who gave us the ability to pay for Hercules’ medical care, his aqua therapy with our friend, and now Board member, Lori Jobak of 4 Paws Health and Wellness. And, Dr. Tari Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets who adopted Hercules and has not only kept him healthy but has given him a wonderful life.http://www.clickondetroit.com/lifestyle/pets/Hercules-needs-your-help/13380800

11/1/14 Here’s Herc and I.  He loved doing photo ops at our Halloween Fundraiser.~ diana

Tobias – The Best Trained Dog – Still Looking for His Forever Home

1/22/15 Update – Tobias, our boy who was hit by a vehicle which resulted in a broken pelvis. He has been healing nicely, loving his foster fur and skin family, and learning social skills. He will make one lucky family very happy. ~ diana
️Tobias has been busy practicing his manners and attempting to learn new commands since staying with us… Today he is showing just how great he is doing with “STAY”. He REALLY wanted to follow foster daddy to the basement but resisted the urge and waited patiently for him to return!!Tobias1:21:15

Courtney – Her Story is Told on WDIV, Detroit, Michigan

1/21/15 – Just returned from meeting sweet Courtney. She will be on this evening’s 5:00 pm news on WDIV (Detroit). A big thank you to Chief Berlin for allowing us to film in the lobby and for meeting with WDIV as part of the police department’s investigation efforts. And, of course, thanks to WDIV. -Diana

1/21/15 – Just in case you missed it. Please share and pray that justice will be served for this very sweet girl. http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/dog-left-chained-up-behind-roseville-walmart/30844982

Courtney – Update

1/20/15– Courtney Update: First, Courtney is resting but not happy about her cone. Now that the emergency is behind me I want to clarify some points with the additional information I now have from the police and the video which shows Courtney being dropped off and tied behind the store. She was actually tied up behind the store on Sunday, January 18. We have heard from the kind and caring woman who found her and stayed by her side until the authorities arrived. It is believed that Courtney had Courtney1:19:15actually been tied up at another location which is where she chewed her paw off to get free and probably did NOT eat it due to hunger. It is suspected that she couldn’t feel the paw due to swelling and lack of circulation caused by the cable wrapped around her leg. The cable was serving as a tourniquet preventing her from bleeding to death. Once rescued, she required immediate surgery because of the risk of severe bleeding and the serious risk of infection. The bones were an obstruction risk in her intestines and a possible cause of infection as she passed them. Again, we thank the caring woman who contacted the authorities, the police who called in their own animal control and who contacted A Hopeful Heart, who then contacted us. And, lastly, a huge thank you to all of our friends who have donated to help us pay for her surgery and follow up care. I will continue to keep everyone informed and will, hopefully, have some photos a little later. ~ diana

1/20/15 – I failed to thank Dr. Hynes and Dr. Lutz (who performed the surgery) and the great staff of Advanced Animal Emergency, Clinton Township, MI, who immediately took in Courtney and gave her the professional and loving care she received to save her life. 4 Paws 1 Heart is truly blessed to have such wonderful veterinary hospitals willing to work with us. Here is an updated photo of our girl taken yesterday. ~ diana

Courtney – Waiting For Surgery

1/19/15 She has been named Courtney. She is here with Melanie of A Hopeful Heart Animal Rescue.  So far she is doing well. As has been expressed by many of our friends, I will not show the graphic photos which would break your heart. Trust me when I say I am not trying to exploit this sweetie, but, seriously, all of us just feel so overwhelmed by the cruelty of humans. Thank You so much to all who have donated,  but my heart breaks for all of those animals being abused who we don’t even know about. Here is Courtney without her eaten paw being exposed. ~ diana

Courtney:w:paw chewed off1:19:15

Tobias – Still Looking For His Forever HOme

1/19/15 – Good Morning!! If this doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. Another update from Tobias’ foster mom, Jessica. If you would like an adoption application, please e-mail me at [email protected]

“It’s been a pretty uneventful/laid back week around here again! Tobias is getting much more playful & energetic as he continues to heal and loves play fighting with Tank now (they poke, paw & nudge each other while laying down & rolling around) but they still make sure to find time for their usual puppy love too. Jessica”Tobias w:Tank

We Named Her Courtney – She Chewed Off Her Paw in an Attempt to Get Free

1/19/15 – Dear Friends, we need your financial support. Yesterday A Hopeful Heart and 4 Paws 1 Heart were contacted by someone who had seen a dog tied up behind a store with a paw missing. To make a long story short (at this time), the dog had a harness on and was tied to an object. 4 Paws 1 Heart agreed to pay for the dog to be seen at an emergency hospital and the rescue agreed to take on responsibility for the dog. As it turns out, this very sweet female had chewed her paw off in an attempt to break away and because she had been tied up for days without food, she actually ate her paw. I know this is even graphic without the photos, but we could not turn our backs to this poor sweet pittie mix. Her leg had to be amputated because of infection and her digestive system needed to be cleared because of the number of bones from eating her paw. I will provide her photo later. At this time, the police are supposed to be investigating this and I’m trying to give them time before sharing too much. The total bill thus far is $1,100 and I’m sure there will be additional needs to get her through this. I will update our friends a little later and provide photos. Whatever our friends can do will be appreciated. ~ diana