Courtney – Healing and Loving


1/31/15 – Although Courtney will not be there, a fundraiser hosted by Walmart will be happening from 1:00 to 7:00 today at the WalMart at 12 Mile and Gratiot in Roseville. Please stop by and give your support to A Hopeful Heart Rescue. All dollars donated will be matched by WalMart.


Two weeks ago(tomorrow) we sat in this waiting room worrying and anxious. Courtney was taken right back and we sat waiting for some answers. When Advanced Animal Emergency had Courtney set up and we were allowed to see her the reassurance from the wonderful and caring staff set our minds at ease. Today we are back to have her stitches removed. I didn’t cry at the first time we were here but this time I can seem to help it. When we left the last time two people had to carry her out to the car. This time Courtney happily jumped out of the car and ran inside. She has come so far and had so much support. She has brought people into our lives we would have never met. She is happy and healthy and doesn’t hold a grudge against humans for what they did to her.


GYPSY – Left Behind by Her Owners

1/30/15 – Gypsy — She was hanging around an abandoned house and the neighbor was feeding her. Because the neighbor has dogs, Gypsy was afraid to come and eat there so the neighbor was feeding her at the abandoned house. The poor baby had no shelter. Our friend Jo A. has found a foster and Gypsy will be taken to the vet compliments of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Anyone interested should contact Jo at [email protected] ~ dianagypsy-joaddington1:29:15

Izzy – Fighting For His Life

izzy1:30:151/30/15 – Quick update on the very sick stray kitty we are calling “Izzy”. This photo was taken a few hours ago. He was a tiny bit better today, but still very congested. We have him on IV fluids/meds, and tonight we began nebulizing treatments.His tongue is covered in ulcers that are infected. We will take things one day at a time and as long as he keeps making baby steps of improvement I’m happy! He reminds me of the famous “Snickers”! Gina

Poker and Blackjack – Abandoned For Weeks in a Vacant Home

1/29/15 – We received a call about these two males who had been abandoned in a home for a number of weeks. We made arrangements to have them vetted but once at the veterinary we learned they were both intact so we had them both neutered. Then it turned out that they both had a couple of different strains of worms and one had an ear infection but, as our mission says, whatever we need to do to help find a home for the homeless, we will do. The veterinary staff loved both dogs and thought they were very sweet. They are both in foster at this time.blackjack:noamie1:30:15 poker:noamie1:30:15

Cheddar – Another Baby Saved and Loved

1/28/15 – cheddar1:28:15Little dollface, Cheddar. Thank You, Alyssa! ~ diana
“This is cheddar! He was a stray, we looked and looked for this sweet boys owner but no luck! We took him in and we noticed he sort of walked like a rabbit would… we were obviously concerned! 4 paws had helped us get his x-rays done and made sure he wasn’t in pain! He was born with overgrown tibias making him walk like that… today he is fixed, UTD on shots and is going to his forever home! Thankyou so much for helping this sweet boy!” 

Making A Difference – Our Supporters Check In

1/29/15 – TMakingADifference1:29:15hank you so very much to our friends who we’ve helped and who continue to keep in touch. It makes those ten-hour days worthwhile (and in Gina’s case — 18 hour days). ~ diana
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France.
And our knowing and loving these sweet animals is thanks to you.

CoCo – Australian Shepherd

This is CoCo an Australian Shepherd Mix about 4 months old.. We are currently caring for her and searching for the perfect match. She is beautiful. If you would like more information about CoCo please email me at [email protected].  1/29/15 CoCo update, I am very happy to announce that a Rescue has stepped up to take this beautiful girl, evaluate her, and find her a permanent home.
I appreciate the emails from a couple of you who showed interest, but I have decided this is what is best for her at this time. ♡ Gina

coco1:29:15 coco1:29:15::

Izzy – Left Behind or Lost – Close to Death but Saved By Caring People

Izzy1:28:151/28/15 – Update on this stray kitty. He has a terrible upper respiratory infection and his right eye may have ruptured. We have him on IV fluids and IV meds. He is very congested, but stable.. We will take it one day at a time for now, and hopefully he responds to treatment. HUGE thank you to all of those that were involved in his rescue. Thank you for not leaving him under the porch or letting him suffer longer than he already was. With his condition he probably wouldn’t have survived much longer.. Gina

“Received urgent message from good friend and animal lover Maureen Demers about this poor injured kitty under her nieces porch. Called Diana Rascano, President of 4 Paws 1 Heart who immediately arranged for him to be seen at Animal Urgent and Critical Care where he is on his way to now and will be seen by the amazing Gina DeLuca. Sounds like he has a lot of injuries, praying this very friendly and sweet boy makes it. Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for always being there to help these injured animals and thankyou Maureen and your niece Shelly for your kind hearts in helping and transporting this boy. Will update when I know more. Please keep him in your prayers ~ Denise Najera”