Ringo – Rescued by Mutts of Motown – Medical Paid by 4 Paws 1 Heart

1/27/15 – ringo::muttsofmotown1:27:15 ringow:muttsofmotown1:27:15More about how 4 Paws 1 Heart spends your donations. Get Well Soon, Ringo. I know someone who would like to give you a home soon. Big Hugs! ~ diana
Ringo update-
“Our Ringo had his stitches taken out today! His foster tells us that he’s starting to use the two steps up to her back porch on his own, and he’s gaining confidence everyday! He’s still showing alot of discomfort, or lack of trust with other dogs, even today at the vet, but we’ll be working on his evaluation now that he’s feeling good! Thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering most of his medical bills, and to his other supporters for helping with his additional costs (hw test, shots, neuter, etc). Mutts of Motown”

Courtney – Enjoying a Frosty Paws

1/26/15 – Courtney Update – Here is what we know — Courtney likes Chicken Shack, she loves car rides, she wants to stay close to her human; it’s like she is afraid she will be abandoned. And, she waits for her food. We also know that she likes her doggy frozen treats that Auntie Di picked up from our very good friends at the Macomb County Food Warehouse. She is such a little doll; it truly is unbelievable to me how anyone could have done what they did to her. ~ dianaCourtneyenjoyingherdoggieicecream

Smokey – Rescue Failure — Before and After


1/26/15 – Good Monday Morning Update – Smokey was brought into the emergency in April, 2014. He had been abandoned and needed immediate medical care. The rescuer, Francine, took him in during his recovery and then tried to find him his forever loving home. Well that home turned out to be Francine’s. Have a wonderful life sweet boy! And, thank you, Francine. Here is a photo from July, 2014 and one from today. ~ diana


smokey71514 Smokiew:FrancineLevine1:19:15

LUCY – She Was Kicked So Viciously That She Lost Her Leg

1/25/15 Happy Udpate – Remember Sweet Lucy? She was kicked so hard by a man in the neighborhood, she had to eventually have her leg amputated. Her rescuer made several trips from Port Huron to the emergency in Harper Woods, in an effort to save Lucy from her injuries. The evil man is no longer in the neighborhood, the rescuer was unsuccessful in getting the police interested in investigating the cruelty, but, nonetheless, a beautiful life was saved and here she is today.~ dianaLucy-was kicked by a neighbor and had to have her leg amputated;current1:19:15

Marlo – Left Alone When His Owner Died, Now Has a Loving Home


1/25/14 My heart is melting. Marlo came to ‘us’ from our favorite animal control officer (ACO), Lisa Taylor. Unfortunately, the first foster home he was placed in was not a good fit and after being AWOL for a couple of days, we truly feared he was dead or ran off. With the help of another caring ACO, Marlo was found and, although emaciated and scared, he was otherwise healthy. Our good friends at Ferndale Cat Shelter worked with us during the whole ordeal, took him in to find a loving home; and, now look at this sweetheart. Thank You everyone. Have a good life, Marlo. ~ diana

“No more worries about Marlo (the cat left alone in the house for weeks when his former owner died in hospital) enjoying his new life. He settles in on the couch quite comfortably of his own accord now. Here he is playing leg warmer for new mom Gail and happily sharing space with his new brother Milo. Happy family. Thank you so much for helping this guy. ~ Ferndale Cat Shelter”


Courtney’s Journey

1/24/15 – Here is our girl, Courtney, cuddled in blankets donated by our good friend, Anne Sadowski. It’s amazing what a dry bath and a little love can do. Thank You, Vicki, Walmart employee, who found her and who reported the abandonment and stayed with Courtney along with our friend Gracie who knew the right person to call, Charlene Dean, who followed up with A Hopeful Heart Animal Rescue and 4 Paws 1 Heart knowing we wouldn’t turn our back to funding her medical treatment, the Roseville police and Dave, the Animal Control Officer, and the medical staff at Advanced Animal Emergency. ~ diana

Courtney Goes Viral