Buddy The Beagle – Recovered from Hypothermia and now with NBS Animal Rescue

1/13/15 – More warmth for this bitter afternoon. Buddy, the 10 year-old Beagle, found cowering behind a trash can and rescued by two Warren Police Officers who brought him to the professional and loving staff of the Animal Urgent & Critical Care Center, PC is now safe and warm and with our very good friends from NBS Animal Rescue. If you are interested in Buddy, please check out their page. ~ diana
“Getting some love from Raelene Butkovich. Welcome to the good life buddy. Welcome to NBS Animal Rescue. Thank you Gina DeLuca and Diana Rascano4 Paws 1 Heart and everyone who took care of him and nursed him back from the brink of freezing to death. It’s all uphill from here dude.”
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