Lost Husky

This dog was rescued by a friend of 4p1h. He turned up on a friend’s porch along with another dog who looked like him. By the time the rescuer got there, only this guy was seen. He appears to have a leg injury and coincidentally was found in the same vicinity where a woman reported hitting a husky the other night. The woman couldn’t contain him and the dog ran off. Could this be the same dog?? Please share and let’s home someone recognizes him Our friend, Michelle, cannot continue to keep him so if an owner is not found, a rescue/foster will be needed ASAP. Please contact Michelle as directed in this posting if you can help. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be covering the bill to have his leg examined and to get an overall examination this evening. ~ diana
**FOUND** Please share and help locate the missing family!

County: WAYNE
Date: 2/7/2015

Gender: MALE
Estimated Breed(s): MALAMUTE/HUSKY MIX
Physical Features:
Estimated Age:
Estimated Weight:
Contact: 810-841-2481

Additional Information: Indentation on neck where collar used to be.

Guardian must factually establish a relationship.

OP: www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1137656046260669&id=2645535635709huskyw:michelle2:7:15hskeyfoundbymichelle2:7:15


2/5/15 – blizzard 2:5:15Update on Blizzard. He is recovering well from his surgery, and as you can see his face was trimmed up a little bit, so that we could actually see his eyes. We have had several calls from people who thought he was there dog, but so far no matches. We will continue to look for his family.. Gina

Protect Those Who Rely On Us – 4 Paws 1 Heart

2/5/15 – On this frigid morning, we once again ask all of our friends to not turn their backs on homeless animals whom you see fending for themselves outside. I also want to, again, recognize the great people of WDIV-Detroit and especially, reporters Shawn Ley and Will Jones, for their commitment to the animals of the Detroit area. Without media attention, the fate of the homeless and abused would not be known by most people. Only those of us involved in animal advocacy seem to see the very worst of what humans can do purposely or by neglect. Thank You so very much. ~ diana4p1h flyer

Blizzard – Emergency Surgery Required

2/4/15 – He is now known as Blizzard: Blizzard had to have emergency surgery this afternoon for fear the sharp objects in his stomach could cause internal damage. He is in recovery and is doing well. Here is what was found. Also, stay tuned tonight at 6pm and watch WDIV Detroit (channel 4) for Blizzard’s story. Gina feels very strongly that Blizzard belongs to someone and just lost his way. Maybe someone will recognize him. Thanks again to our very good friends at Misfit Angels, without you, Blizzard may have died. ~ diana