Izzy – Getting Better Every Day

2/13/115 – We love you too Izzy!! Thank You, Foster Mom Dee. Just a reminder that this handsome, loveable boy is looking for his forever love on this frigid Valentine’s Day.~ diana
“Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for lending me a paw when I needed it the most! Dont you think Im looking handsome? Im feeling better everyday and becuse you gave me a second chance at life I will soon be ready to give someone a lifetime of love! I love you 4 Paws 1 Heart  Love Always, Izzy! “

RONAN and SAVANAH – Updates

2/13/15 -Updates on 4paws1heart “Ronan” and “Sevanah”.
Ronan (Malamute) does not require knee surgery, but he has some dysplasia in the right hip area and he’s stiff. We have not begun heartworm treatment, but he is on antibiotics and anti inflammatories. He weighed only 43 pounds and has gained 4 pounds this week. That’s how dehydrated and malnourished he is. We will fatten him up in no time!!
Savannah (beautiful pitty) is doing great, but she totally hates her cone of shame. She took a gunshot wound to the foot nearly severing off all of her toes. She is on several medications and comfortable while we wait and see if the blood supply to her toes keeps..
If you are interested in helping us with either one of these dogs please contact me as soon as possible by email: [email protected]
Thank You!!
ronan2:14:15 savanah2:12:15

Good News! – Sharla and Tobias Have Been Adopted

2/12/15 – Good Morning Updates!! I know it was quick but our sweet Sharla has found her forever home. And even better news than that, she went to the home of our good friend, Pat, Keller’s mom. Our ‘old’ friends will remember Keller–the little guy who needed to have his eyes removed and who is having the best life ever with Pat and her fur family. Thank You, Foster Mom Angela, and new Mom, Pat. AND, for other good news — our boy Tobias has been adopted!! He is now in a forever loving home. Foster Mom Jessica misses him already but his new mom, Lynn, will be giving him lots of love. A great way to start the day. ~ dianasharlaw:angela2::9:15tobias2:12:15

SHARLA – Abandoned In Her Own Home – Now Looking for a Forever Family

2/10/15 – How much cuteness can anyone stand!! This is sweet Sharla who was left behind by her owners and left alone in the house for who knows how long! She is safe now and loving life but she is still looking for her forever home. Please share and let’s help sweet Sharla find her forever family. Here’s what her foster mom has to say:

– She is very playful
– Warms up to other cats well. They chase and play with each other ( still integrating her in with the dogs so unsure about them but think she would be fine )
– Can be a little nervous and hide if there is too much going on
– Loves to chase balls around
– Very sweet
– Always happy to see me. She greets me with a meow, an arch of her back and rubs my leg.
– Likes to explore and sit near the window in the sun
– Needs to be brushed regularly. She mats really easily. Especially her little lions mane around her face.
– Very dainty and little girl like. Takes small bites. Delicately prances around and petite. She is only 6-7 lbs. Very cute.sharlaw:angela2:9:15:sharlaw:angela2:9:15sharlaw:angela2::9:15

SOUP – One Year Later in his Forever Home

2/10/15 – His pelvis was broken while his head was stuck in a soup can. After one year with Aunt Gina, our boy Soup (on the right) found his forever loving home. Thank You, MaryBeth. ~ diana
“Here is Soup with our cat Whiskers. Would love to see them snuggling together (someday soon ? ) , for now they are getting along just fine. We love our Soup guy so much!  ~ Mom MaryBeth”soup2:10:15

Izzy – In His New Foster Home


Our sweet Izzy. Thank You Dee and Shelley. Friends, please consider making this boy a member of your family! ~ diana

Our new foster Izzy!!! Izzy was such a sick kitty, but thanks to good samaritans Maureen & her niece Shelly he was transported to Animal Urgent & Critical Care Center on the instuctions of Diana Rascano of 4 Paws 1 Heart who immediately put a plan into action when she got my urgent call about this kitty. He was delivered into the waiting arms of Gina DeLuca who immediately went to work saving his life with intravenous fluids, antibiotics, nebulizer treatments and love. He is now doing great and ready for his forever home. He’s a big bundle of love who loves to be in your lap and get lots of attention. Cant believe the transformation! This is what your donated dollars to 4 Paws 1 Heart go for, saving lives like Izzys. Izzy is snap tested neg & neutered and will soon recieve his vaccines. If you are interested in adopting this heart stealing boy please contact me or email [email protected] Whoever gets this sweet boy will be a very lucky person  ThankyouDebra Berolatti for transporting Izzy tonight! These pics show how far Izzy has come! 

izzy2:10:15 izzy2:10:15:: izzy2:10:15::: izzy2:10:1500

SAVANAH – Update

2/10/15 – This is the bullet removed from her destroyed paw, but all the fragments could not be removed. We may not be able to save her toes as a result, but the doctor will certainly try. She is super sweet despite her horrific injury to her foot. She is in a lot of pain, but it is being controlled while she is in the hospital getting all the care she needs. All we know is someone shot her, but we will probably never know who. We need a foster home or a rescue group to take her in. She has a great temperament, loving personality, about 2-3 years old, and currently hospitalized under our care. If you can help, please email [email protected] for more information. Thank you, Ginasavanah's bullet2:10:15 savanah2:10:15

RONAN – The Rest of the Story

2/10/15 – 
This Beautiful boy was found on the streets extremely emaciated. He has a series of health problems, the worst being strong Heartworm Positive. We suspect he will need knee surgery, and that he has some hip dysplasia. Tomorrow he will be seen by the Doctor that doesronan2:10:15 Orthopedic surgeries. This evening we were able to remove all the burs from his coat. He needs a good grooming which is next on the list! You can tell he’s been on the streets for a while. Paws Crossed! 
If you are interested in fostering please email me at [email protected] for more information.