Blizzard – Temperatures in the Single Digits and He’s Alone and Scared

2/3/15 – ANOTHER EMERGENCY – A call was just received about a dog stuck inside fencing and still alive. It’s the Downtown area. The lady said the dog could have been there for days. We contacted Misfit Angels Rescue and they immediately offered to rescue and transport the dog to us. We are willing to provide funding for medical for either of these cases. I will update once I know more. Gina

2/3/15 – Update on Emergency #2 tonight. This old man was found out in the cold in Detroit. The caller thought he was stuck in a fence, but he was burrowed against a tree surrounded by snow. He was transported to the ER Hospital by Misfit Angels Rescue. Thank you so much for immediately taking action, this guy wouldn’t have made it without you! We feel he got lost from his home, and we hope to find his family. Our main concern is the foreign body showing up in his stomach on x ray. We have him stabilized on fluids and antibiotics. He’s probably 10+, male, not neutered10247379_902160553149577_6775858974753081597_n 10959898_902160579816241_3420908464138457674_n

Izzy – Small Steps

2/3/15 – izzy2:3:15Izzy update – Today he was eating some dry food on his own:) Still on IV and very congested, but he is making baby steps of improvement. That’s what it’s all about for 4paws1heart. Tonight Izzy was head pressing into my hands for some love. I was happy to see he is definitely in better spirits.. Thank you all for the positive prayers! I know you have helped him .♡

Thaya – Microchipping Works! Thaya is Reunited.

2/2/15 – 10632750_878487402202244_4382648990719241377_nExcellent News Tonight. Thaya has been reunited with her owners!!
Thaya was found outside early November, some kind people were feeding her. The days were getting colder. 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted and paid for her medical expenses. Thaya then went to a foster home. What we have learned is that it is not common practice for a veterinarian to check for a microchip. Today she needed to see another veterinarian, this vet did mention a microchip. The foster contacted the microchip company and within hours Thaya (Pixie) was reunited with the family she loved. 4 Paws1 Heart also educated the owners that indoor cats are safer. We are thrilled that Pixie is back home!! ~ Cynthia

WATSON – Found in Below Zero Temperatures

2/2/15 – An update about our handsome Beagle from our great friends at NBS Animal Rescue. ~ diana
Please help us welcome Watson to NBS Animal Rescue!

Sweet man Watson is a 7-8 year old Beagle that was found by the kind police officers of Warren Police Department huddled up behind a dumpster trying to stay warm. This poor guy was all skin and bones as they picked him up and decided to help him instead of turn and look the other way. They contacted the wonderful folks at 4 Paws 1 Heart and he was immediately hospitalized as they could not even get a reading on the thermometer for his temperature. They lovingly nursed this guy back from the brink of death.

Watson is a strong pup, fighting back and wanting to live. He is thriving in his foster home…loving other dogs, babies, sniffing cats and having access to all the food he wants! He is methodically putting weight on and working on potty training skills. He is mellow, loves to curl up in his dog bed and go for walks. He even enjoys going to the groomer for warm spa baths! Even though it is pretty obvious that he is not used to people being nice to him, he melts with happiness under the hands of a loving touch. It goes to show the resilience and forgiveness that our four-legged friends truly have.

Welcome to the good life Mr. Watson! We love you!10474724_897106350329197_4123476114648898119_n

IZZY – Baby Steps

2/1/5 IZZY UPDATE.. I don’t have a photo to post, but Izzy is taking a turn for the better tonight. His congestion is draining better, and we are able to syringe feed now. We still have him on IV antibiotics and fluids along with nebulizing treatments. Your prayers seem to be helping, so keep paws crossed. Huge thanks to the saviors this weekend at the “Animal Urgent and critical care center” ER! ♡♡♡♡ Thank you, Gina

ASHLEY – Found in a Trash Bin – Still Needs Her Forever Home

2/1/15 – Don’t forget about the REAL games today, the Kitty Bowl on the Hallmark Channel with kickoff at 12:35 and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet with kickoff at at 3:00p.m. And, if you get inspired by the real stars of the day, Cat Stafford and Clawvin Johnson, and decide you must add a cat to your family, check out our Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart page where you will find Ashley (Smokey’s mom) and many others. ~ diana10947348_900080290024270_248498774387355194_n

SMOKEY – From a Trash Bin to a Loving Home

2/1/15 – A Happy, Snowy Sunday Update: You may remember our little Smokey, seen here when he was first rescued this past summer. All of his medical needs were taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart. He was found in a large trash bin with his five siblings and his mom, Ashley. All of the children have now found their furever homes but sweet Ashley is still looking. Good Luck, Little Guy. Thank God for the rescuer who contacted all of us after finding the family thrown away like trash. ~ diana10389550_900075583358074_9154062747356093955_n 10968531_900075733358059_2109015507162228731_n

IZZY – One Day at a Time

1/31/15 – izzy1:31:15Izzy is still very sick.. The biggest problem right now is there are several ulcers inside of his mouth and on his tongue making it nearly impossible to swallow food. We may need to have a feeding tube placed. The animal urgent care staff is working hard to keep his drainage clean and medicate him throughout the day and night. Paws Crossed! ♡ gina