Blitzen – Still Trying to Save His Leg

2/21/15 – Our friends might remember that Blitzen was brought into the emergency hospital in mid-December after she was seen limping through a parking lot in Madison Heights, MI. It was determined that her paws was smashed, Our good friends with Tigerlily Cat Rescue kindly took her in and we have continued our commitment to her medical care. Here is an update and a her most recent photo along with what she looked like when she was first brought in. ~ diana

“Here is sweet Blitzen – she’s started cold laser therapy on her crushed front right paw in hopes we can save her paw. Thanks so much to 4 Paws 1 Heart for saving her and helping with her medical expenses, and to all the wonderful vets helping with her recovery!”blitzen2:21:15blitzen12:14:14blitzen12:14:14::

Izzy – Almost Dead Under a House Before a Blizzard Strikes – Now Looking For His Forever Home

2/21/15 – I can’t get enough of this success story. A couple more hours and Izzy would have been dead and maybe never found because of the snow storm we received not long after. Now look at him. Submit an application on this website. ~ diana
“Izzy!!! I cant believe how far Izzy has come from that critically ill kitty under a porch to now relaxing with his foster brother Oliver. Izzy is still looking for his purrrfect furever home. Thanks to your donations 4 Paws 1 Heart was able to keep Izzy in the hospital at Animal Urgent & Critical Care for the almost 2wks it took for Izzy to be well enough to leave and continue meds in foster. 4 Paws also paid for Izzys neuter and vaccines that he will be recieving very soon. Izzy snap tested neg for any feline diseases, gets along well with easy going cats and cat loving dogs. Hes a very good boy and loves to snuggle close. If you are interested in adopting Izzy please go to and click on the link for adoption app. Izzy also has an upcoming appearance on channel 4 news, will update with exact info. ~ Denise”Izzy:::2:21:15Izzy2:21:15

Blizzard – Found Freezing In the Snow — All Alone -Needs a Forever Home

2/20/15 –  Remember our “Blizzard” from Channel 4, WDIV-Detroit? He was found outside in the snow storm, and then transported to us by Misfit Angels? Well, he had the surgery to remove glass that he had eaten and he has been in a foster home to evaluate his temperament. Blizzard is a one person dog, no other animals, no kids, and a low key household. He takes time to warm up. If you would like more information on him please email me at [email protected]blizzard2:20:15

Savanah – Shot in the Paw and Now She Loses Her Leg

2/20/15 — Yesterday afternoon her leg had to be amputated due to the infection from her gunshot wound traveling to the rest of her toes. Unfortunately, this was the result of someone who we feel intentionally shot her leaving her paw destroyed. Late last night she was walking and eating some homemade steak and rice. This is a very sweet girl who deserves a very loving home with someone. Please contact Gina.4paws1heart@ if you would like more information.
If you would like to help donate towards her medical please go to our ♡ Ginasavanah:::2:20:15Savanah2:9:15-shotinpawsavanah2:20:15savanah2:21:15:::

Ronin – Update

2/19/15 – ronin2:19:15Ronin Update.. I LOVE him! This handsome man is doing great. We have an appointment next week to talk about Heartworm treatment.. Everyone continues to shower him with love, good food, AND he got a new orthopedic bed today! Thank you all for your support and we’ll update when we have more information. Gina

HERCULES – Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy For Pets

Remember “Hercules”? His previous owner in Eastpointe not only starved him but he intentionally broke both of his back legs above the knees because he got into the garbage. This happened almost 3 years ago. Hercules couldn’t walk, but used his front legs to carry his weight. The owner got 1 year non-reporting probation and a misdemeanor. He wasn’t allowed to have a dog for 1 year, but now he can own a dog because that year is up. Disgusting. Hercules was adopted by Dr. Tari Kern who worked with him endlessly, and now he can walk and run! He was given a 2nd chance because of her passion for what she does for a living. Many animals are put down due to injuries, but there is hope with Dr. Kern! Her patients are not there for annual check up’s, they are there for rehabilitation therapy. The work she and her staff do should be recognized because they are giving injured animals a chance. There is homework, training, commitment, and an outlined plan depending on the condition of the animal. Please share what she is doing because you might save a life by letting others know that Dr. Kern is here to help. Thank you

2/18/15 – 2/19/15 – Another shout out to Dr. Tari Kern and Hercules. Thank you so much for helping us tell the 4 Paws 1 Heart story by joining us for the Leadership Macomb Leadership Day. Once again, our boy, Hercules stole the show. Dr. Kern, you are the best and Hercules, we love you. ~ Aunt Dihercules2:18:15herculesanddianaat LM2:18:15Herculesatleadershipmacomb2:18:15

Beagle – Found Freezing Behind a Dumpster – Saved by Warren, MI Police Officers

Remember the Beagle brought to us by Warren Police? He was found unresponsive and freezing to death behind a dumpster during the first major blizzard we had? 4 paws 1 heart covered his medical care and well here he is now in his new forever home where he will be loved until his last breath. Huge thanks to NBS rescue for making this connection happen.. We love a happy ending:) ~ Ginabeagle2:19:15freezingbehinddumpster

Savanah – Purposely Shot in the Paw

2/19/15 – This is what can happen when your dog’s get out. People shoot them! We have bad news for “4 Paws 1 Heart” Savanah.. She is scheduled for amputation surgery today because despite all efforts to save her paw it is getting progressively worse (the pic of her paw is from tonight). She was shot in the foot about 2 weeks ago, and her foot was pretty much mutilated. The doctor put it back together beautifully, but it’s not healing. Please pray for her recovery because she is probably going to have to lose her leg. If you would like to donate towards her medical care visit our website at: We have been nonstop with major cases, and without your help we could not do this. Thank you. Gina