Chance – 2 Paralyzed Legs – Determined to Walk Again

4/15/15 – My expertise is NOT begging for money. I like to think that my expertise is communication, event planning, networking, and just the other duties of paying bills, finances, etc. But at times like this when donations have been very slow and the need of abandoned and abused animals are very high, I have to remind our friends that if everyone who likes this page would just donate $5, can you imagine what we could do. At this time we are in the middle of treating two heart worm positive dogs and two cats who are seeing Dr. Kern in hopes that she can save Magic’s let and free up Chance’s legs so he can walk again. And, we just paid for Joy’s last leg surgery with a specialist. All of this while we continue to pay for spaying/neutering, vaccines, tests, x-rays, infections, and still try to help our rescue partners. Here is Chance who will be seeing Dr. Kern on Friday, April 17. Please continue to pray for this boy as we hope that he will some day be able to walk. Thank You in advance! ~ diana
P.S. See what I mean? I forgot to say donations can be made through PayPal by using the donate link on this page, on our, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, Mi 48080
chance 4:15:15

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