Chance – Second Visit for Physical Therapy

Had our good friend Denise Najera not noticed Chance’s plight and contacted us, this sweet, strong, and amazing cat would have been euthanized. Thank You, Denise and Dr. Tari Kern. Keep a look out for Chance’s new facebook page so you can more easily follow his journey. ~ diana

“Soooo, whos that big boy standing there??? Yep, you guessed it. Its me Chance! I just finished doing my exercises with some new ones added on today by Dr. Kern ofPawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets. Boy, between Dr. Kern and my foster mom they sure are giving me a workout! But in case you missed my earlier post, Dr. Kern and her staff were super impressed with my muscle tone in my back and hind quarters and my moves. Well helloooo……a good lookin guy like me naturally has muscles and moves ladies! Heres some pics from todays session of me getting pampered with my laser, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy on cool nubby things. All your prayers, love and encouragement are really working and I love you all soooo much!!!! Im thinking of starting my own facebook page to document my journey, what do you all think? Im so lucky to have so many people loving and believeing in me And all the donaters and supporters at 4 Paws 1 Heart who had enough love and faith in me to take me and all my vet bills on, I specially love you! Ok, enough mush! Now Im going to have a nice relaxing bath, watch some tv, possibly con my foster mom out of a few treats! I still have one more exercise session to go tonight and shes such a pain in the tail making sure I get every exercise done before I can go to bed! Huh? Whats that mom? Noooo, I was just sayin what a cupcake you are! Lol Shhhhh, gotta butter her up for extra treats! Night all  Love & Purrs, Chance”chance w:dr kern 4:17:15chance with dr. kern 4:17:15Chance with tari kern 4:17:15 Chance wth dr.kern 4:17:15chancew:dr.kern4:17:15

Odin – His Eyes Say It All

We are calling him Odin and he needs some serious prayers. He was found last night in the street, and we believe he was hit by a car. The trauma has left him unable to walk. We have him on everything possible to see if he will respond, but it takes time.. Please pray he will be ok..he is breaking my heart:( He is terrified but he is being such a good boy! Tomorrow I want to bring him some yummy food when I visit. ♡ Gina 
*If anyone is up for taking care of this special needs boy, please message me. He will need time..and he has been a really good boy. 4/17/15odin4:17:15

Odin – Injured and Left to Die

This sweet dog was found in the street last night struggling to stand. We were contacted by a good Samaritan. He is hospitalized, but his condition is very serious. He cannot walk due to his injuries. No broken bones but possible nerve damage or brain damage due to trauma. We suspect he was hit by a car. We are hoping he will respond to the steroids, but if not, his prognosis is not good.~ gina  4/15/15odin4:15:15

Chance – 2 Paralyzed Legs – Determined to Walk Again

4/15/15 – My expertise is NOT begging for money. I like to think that my expertise is communication, event planning, networking, and just the other duties of paying bills, finances, etc. But at times like this when donations have been very slow and the need of abandoned and abused animals are very high, I have to remind our friends that if everyone who likes this page would just donate $5, can you imagine what we could do. At this time we are in the middle of treating two heart worm positive dogs and two cats who are seeing Dr. Kern in hopes that she can save Magic’s let and free up Chance’s legs so he can walk again. And, we just paid for Joy’s last leg surgery with a specialist. All of this while we continue to pay for spaying/neutering, vaccines, tests, x-rays, infections, and still try to help our rescue partners. Here is Chance who will be seeing Dr. Kern on Friday, April 17. Please continue to pray for this boy as we hope that he will some day be able to walk. Thank You in advance! ~ diana
P.S. See what I mean? I forgot to say donations can be made through PayPal by using the donate link on this page, on our, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, Mi 48080
chance 4:15:15

Katniss – At the Beginning

4/15/15 – We’ve had so many new friends come on board since Katniss Everdeen was brought into the Emergency hospital. I thought you might like to see the WDIV-Detroit segment filmed the morning of Katniss’ emergency surgery to remove the bowel obstruction. Without the financial support of our friends, stories like this could not be told. ~ diana

Katniss Everdeen – Adopted

4/15/15 – I am delighted to report that Katniss Everdeen has found her forever home. This is a perfect match in so many ways. She has a new best friend named Zorah who is the same size and just as playful as ever. When Katniss came to us back in October, 2014; she had been abused on so many levels. Katniss has since gained over 30 pounds in a 6-month period. She was a skeleton; starved so badly she’d eaten a towel which had to be surgically removed. She could not stand or walk. Her body was in a fetal position, lifeless, and tossed on the curb to die. These are the most recent photos of her and she looks perfect.
Katniss was fostered by Carrie Krausmann, who literally developed her into the well rounded beautiful soul she is today. We covered her medical needs, but Carrie provided her with what was critical to meet her physical and psychological needs. Katniss had no spirit left and no will to live when she was found. Carrie restored that faith by teaching her how to trust, play, share, socialize, and most importantly how to be loved. It was a serious dedication that cannot be done by just anyone.
Carrie has a friend that recently put together a video which we shared on our Facebook page. A 4P1H supporter saw that video and, as it turns out, this is the person we have been searching for all along. Her name is Rochelle and she sent in an application for Katniss after the video went out. We set up a meet-and-greet and the minute they met I knew this was the perfect person. Katniss took to Rochelle instantly. They hit it off and it was the longest meet-and-greet I’d ever experienced, but it was worth every second. Rochelle is amazing in so many ways and she is the perfect fit. She has structure, experience, compassion, and love. She is exactly what we were looking for and I’m so happy!
There are so many things I would like to say, but the photos tell it all. Katniss is happy, healthy, and now in a solid environment with someone who is willing to give her the love she has always deserved. Someone who will accept Katinss on every level and treat her with kindness and be the constant in her life that she has longed for.
I only wish that I could contact the guardian angel that brought Katiness into us that night. It would mean the world to her to know that she saved this little girl’s life. She found Katniss dumped on the street where you would toss out your trash, and at the time, she was in a U-haul truck in the process of moving to another state. When she saw this lifeless body in a cage on the curb, she picked up the cage and transported her to the emergency vet. I cried when I saw the pain and fear in this dogs eyes. We both did.
Katniss is here for a reason…and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.
Katniss adopted 4:15:15 Katniss Everdeen 4:15:15 katnisseverdeenadopted:::4:15:15 Katniss4:15:::15

Joy – Her Last Leg Surgery

Joy Update ♡ 
I’m happy to report that this beautiful girl is doing better every day since her recent TPLO surgery. The swelling from her surgery site has gone down, and she is eating and drinking good:) Joy is now wanting to put weight on that leg and with time I’m sure she’ll continue to thrive. Gina  4/14/15Joyin recovering4:17:14

Storm – Thank You Feline Friends

4/14/15 – Remember Storm? Well here she is cute as ever!!! I wanted to give another thank you to a wonderful organization that stepped up to help us. “Feline Friends”, took over hand raising this baby girl and they will find her fur-ever home when she’s ready. ♡ For details or adoption contact information is below.
email: [email protected] Web Facebook: feline friends rescue Warren 
Thank you all for your support!! Gina

Alex – Thank You Metro Area Animal Adoption Agency

4/14Alex-gina's mom's neighbor 4:14:15/15 – I am happy to report that our (Labrador Mix) puppy from the other day is now in a rescue group. They have named him “Alex”, and when he is ready he will be placed in a forever home. The link to their website for further information on adoption or details is Thank you “Metro Area Animal Adoption Agency”, for stepping up to take our little Alex. ♡ Gina