Winston – Taking A Nap Before He Goes to His Foster Family

12/9/15 Nap time and lots of love just before going to the rescue group. I’m happy to report that our handsome man is on to the next chapter in his journey. He will be fully evaluated, and then placed in the perfect home. He came to us a few weeks ago with a gun shot wound which resulted in amputation of his rear leg. He is moving around great! I want to thank our supporters who have donated and ultimately made this possible. Without you we couldn’t do what we do. I would also like to thank the doctors and staff for doing an amazing job taking care of his medical needs. Lastly, a huge thank you to “Mutts of Motown Rescue Group”, for stepping up and making room in a moments notice to find this guy permanent placement. We are so greatful! ♡ Gina

Malcolm – Update

12/8/15 – Malcolm was rescued along with 3 other siblings in late September, 2015. 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of their medical needs and in October, 2015 reported on them and explained a condition they had called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition which effects motor skills and coordination. Some of the babies had more severe symptoms than the others. Since then, all have found their way into their forever homes and Malcolm’s mom sent us the before and after photo. We are so happy to share these “Great Beginning” updates. ~ dianamalcolm before, 2015malcolmw:brittanyhart12:1:15malcolm12:8:15

Bradley – Surrendered When He Kept Having Seizures – Update

12/8/15 bradley12:8:15Bradley Update…
Last year Bradley was surrendered to 4 paws 1 heart for having seizures. We started him on seizure medication and he never had another one. When he came to us he had sores all over from urine scald and his fur was stained yellow. That day, someone looked at me and said, why would you take on a seizure dog and why would you invest the money??? My response was, because for less than $20.00 a month he can live seizure free and if not then we tried. Look at him now! 4 paws 1 heart is all about giving a chance to these animals that would otherwise have been euthanized. We are realistic about the animals we have helped and we will continue to try where we can. smile emoticon Gina

Laylo – Found Under a Truck

12/7/15/ – Meet Laylo – He was found under a truck and continued to live outside during the entire summer. A kind family who had been feeding him decided to bring him inside and make him their own. 4 Paws 1 Heart offered to pay for neutering and vaccinations and the new owner will get him microchipped. Another baby who won’t have to spend his days outside this winter. ~ dianaLaylo12:7:15

Sugar and Spike – Used to Breed for Dog Fighting

12/6/15 – This is Sugar and Spike. Both were rescued from a home that was likely breeding for dog fighting. The police confiscated the dogs and had them surrendered by the owner to the rescuer. Sugar had been bred many times and Spike had been attacked by a dog. Both were chained outside. 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of their medical needs and neither will produce any offspring again. Anyone interested in more information should contact the rescuer, Shayla at [email protected]. Prayers that these used and abused animals find their way into a loving forever home. ~ diana
UPDATE: Providing For Paws Animal Rescue will be taking in these sweet babies. Please check out their page.sugarw:shaylaweston11:16:15spikew:shaylaweston12:6:15

Chance Graduates From Therapy – His Journey

12/5/15 – Hooray!!! Our boy, Chance, graduated yesterday. Our little boy who came to us from Genesee County Animal Control, a high-kill shelter, was paralyzed in both back legs. After nearly 8 months of hard work, our little boy is walking and no longer needs to see Dr. Kern every week. Chance is an inspiration for all of us. We love you sweet boy!! ~ Aunti Di

chance april, 2015chance in his cart2015chance-graduationday12:4:15“Good Morning Team Chance!!!! Sooo, I promised you a surprise this morning and here it is!!!! Yesterday was my GRADUATION DAY!!!!! Thats right, I graduated fromphysical therapy at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets!!! Here I am with mom, Dr.Kern and some of her amazing staff who have worked so hard with me to make this day a reality. I will go back in a month and again in 3 months just for a recheck, but I have officially GRADUATED!!!!!! Im soooo thankful to Dr. Kern and her staff for their amazing dedication in taking me from only laying on my side when I first came to walking, playing, go up & down stairs, doing cat stuff!!!! And Im sooooo very thankful to 4 Paws 1 Heart who without their generosity in paying my medical bills, this day would not have been possible! I love you 4 Paws 1 Heart!!!!! And thankyou, thankyou Auntie Debra Berolatti who always takes me & mom to all my appointments…rain or shine. Love you Auntie Debra And me & mom are soooo thankful to all of you my Team Chance!!!!! All your love, prayers & encouragement have been and continues to be such an amazing gift to us! Dont worry, my page is going to continue where we hope to keep inspiring, encouraging and helping other animals in need and bringing awareness to special needs pets and having fun with my Team!!!! So have a great Saturday everybody, I gotta go talk to mom and Aunt Shelly about throwing me a Graduation Party!!!! Meow for Now, Love Chance ♥”

Winston and Gina, Animal Angel

12/4/15 Dr. Graves, who is also an angel to the animals, has some kind words about our Gina. The Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center in Harper Woods, is very fortunate to have these two very special people and their dedication; as well as, Dr. Maria Rivera who is also an animal angel and very dedicated to doing whatever she can to make their lives better. We love and admire all of you.

“This is the angel of dogs; the reliever of suffering, one of the most dedicated veterinary technicians I know” ~ Dr. Pamela Graveswinstonw:gina12:4:15--winstonw:gina12:4:15

Tigger and Sampson – Found on an Industrial Site

12/3/15 – These “creamsicle” babies were trapped during a TNR (trap/neuter/release) effort some of our friends were doing at an industrial site in Shelby Township, MI. 4 Paws 1 Heart as been backing them up with providing medical care including spaying and neutering. As many of you know, when a kitten or adoptable cat is found, our friends will do everything they can to get that kitten/cat into a home to be socialized and adopted. This is Tigger and Sampson. Unfortunately, Tigger had a severe upper respiratory infection; we hoped medication would help. It did not, and, now Tigger will be scheduled to have his eye removed. Both Tigger and his sibling, Sampson, will also be neutered and will be available for adoption through Heaven on Earth Angels Animal League Again, I want to thank all of our supporters who donate their hard-earned money so that we can make a difference in the lives of those who depend on us.tigger12:3:15sampson12:3:15