Sassy – Her Owner Could No Longer Care for Her

sasshy w:kendra 1:19:17sassy w:kendra beiz 1:19:171/25/17 – Sassy was going to be taken to a shelter because the owner could no longer care for her. A caring woman stepped in and took Sassy into her home and to the vet. Unfortunately, it was determined that 11 year old Sassy was heart-worm positive and we were then called for help. We agreed to help this old girl and referred her to one of our vets. It was determined then that the heart worm was not very advanced and that Sassy would be a good candidate for an alternative treatment other than the very painful injections. The doctor believes that Sassy will die from old age before she will die from the heart worm. She is one beautiful girl who will now be able to spend her last days in a home with love. ~ diana

Nino – Either Lost or Thrown Away but Saved and Now Looking for His Forever Home

1/24/17 – Last week I received a call from a long-time friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart about a beautiful cat who showed up in her window box. The cat was very friendly and obviously wanted to be inside. Our friend and cat whisperer, Debra Berolatti, was called into action and a plan was put in place. Within a few days, Nino, was picked up, brought to the vet to be neutered, tested, and vaccinated and he was then delivered to our friends at Ferndale Cat Shelter and the Catfe Lounge. It truly takes a village, friends. Without donations, veterinarians, and loving people, we could not continue to give these abandoned and lost animals a second chance. ~ diananinow:gracelegreley 1:19:17nino at Cat Cafe 1:19:17

Giving Tuesday

1/23/17 – Dear Friends, Many of you donated money during the Giving Tuesday Gates Foundation Match. Unfortunately, Facebook Donations through Network For Good does not provide names nor addresses of the donors. As many of you know, when we receive a donation, I almost immediately send personal thank you letters or e-mails. I feel bad about not being able to respond to all of you because what I received from Network For Good was just a listing of anonymous donations. Please, if you donated to 4 Paws 1 Heart during this campaign and you would like a receipt or acknowledgement for your donation, please private message me. Once again, I continue to be humbled by the generous friends we have been able to make over the past 6 years. ~ diana

Susannah – Thrown Out of a Car by the Owner

1/23/17 – This past week I was called about a dog who had been thrown out of a car. The person witnessing the incident contacted the police and A Better Place Animal Rescue. it was determined that the dog had a microchip and when following up with the most recent owner, it was learned that Susannah was the ‘victim’ of a divorce where the wife “got the dog and the house” according to the ex-husband. When the wife was contacted by the police, she said she “was done with the dog”. Of course we were there for Susannah. She was seen by the vet and, thankfully, found to be heart worm negative. She has received her vaccines but will need some dental surgery which is causing her pain. Now that her ‘hold’ is up, 4 Paws 1 Heart will be taking care of her remaining surgery. We wish her much love; she is safe with a foster and will be looking for her forever home. ~ dianaSusanna w:Helen of a better place 1:14:17

Bud – Rescued With A Punctured Eye

1/22/17 – Meet Bud. On New Year’s Eve I received a panic message about this homeless boy who has been taken care of as part of a colony. The caretaker was worried when he showed up with a very “gooey” eye. She took Bud to the emergency and the doctor diagnosed a punctured eye, prescribed eye drops, and recommended he be seen by a specialist for a possible eye removal. Before we could get Bud to another doctor, I was again contacted because Bud’s eye had become very swollen. Again, he was given more drops. Bud finally made it to another doctor and after examination, the doctor felt that Bud’s eye would heal. Bud is inside now being spoiled while he, hopefully, recovers fully. We are committed to Bud and ask that you say a prayer for this little guy. ~ dianabud w:rosecottington 12:30:16

Buddy – Found Wandering the Streets

1/20/17 – This handsome guy was found wandering the streets. We were contacted by a rescue friend who asked if we could help the nice couple who found him. Of course, we did and Buddy was taken to the veterinary to be scanned for a microchip, vaccinated and scheduled for neutering. Although very sweet and obviously welcoming human contact and love, no microchip could be found. Buddy has found his forever home with this loving couple known by our rescue friend and we are so happy we could help in their endeavor to give Buddy a second chance at life. ~ diana

Buddy w:pennie lee 1:16:17buddy w:pennie's husbandbuddy w:pennie

Shih Tzu Five – My How They’ve Grown

1/18/17 – A Happy Update! Remember the Shih Tzu Five. The mom and babies were brought into the emergency where Gina worked. The mom was very sick and was the victim of breeders who had put her through three deliveries. When this one went wrong, they had no idea as to what to do. As is always the case, the survival of the babies was questionable. Gina and our friends, Amanda Morris and Carrie Krausmann, fostered all of these little creatures and with a lot of hard work, love, and careful scrutiny everyone was adopted. Here are a few of them today and what the gang looked like when they were first brought in.shih tzu 5 - 1-1:17:17shih tzu 5 - 2 1:18:17shih tzu 5 -3 - 1:18:17shih tzu 5 - as babyshih tzu 5 ===shih tzu 5 ====shih tzu 5 as baby ==shih tzu 5 as baby=

Miss Mocha Latte – Saved Just Before Having a Litter

1/17/17 – Update on Miss Mocha Latte and Lil’ Munchkin. It was in September that Miss Mocha was rescued by a very kind person who knew of us through her mother. Within four days, Miss Mocha had two kittens in a difficult delivery. Mama Mocha and her Lil’ Munchkin were kept by her rescuer. We were happy to have been there for Mama Mocha, who had a cyst on her chin (not to mention being pregnant) and the kittens. Mama and Lil’ Munchkin have now been spayed and neutered and, again, we are grateful to play a role in the non-proliferation of kittens. ~ dianamiss mocha latte and Lil Munchkin 1:17:17