Amelia – Found on the Side of the Road — Unable to Walk

10/15/17 – Happy Update!! I just wanted to share this happy update from Amelia’s rescuer AND official mom. You might remember that Amelia was found on the side of the road by Chelsea’s sister. She was in pretty bad shape and couldn’t walk. Of course, we approved to have Chelsea seen by one of our favorite vets at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. It was determined that Chelsea’s arm was broken and would require amputation. Well, here is the happy news:

“Amelia is doing so good! She is finally playing and enjoying her life for the first time. She is still skiddish and runs and hides when she hears anything or there is any sudden movement. She is getting more confident as she is learning how to move faster and build up her strength. I have pet stairs throughout my house for her and she is flying up and down them without any trouble.

The original home I had lined up for her fell through I’ve completely fallen in love with her and she has been such a huge part of my life since I suddenly lost my own cat the week before I found her. My other 2 cats just adore her – 1 of them has never gotten along with another animal until Amelia. If I am able to keep her myself I would really love to. Please let me know what I would need to do (paperwork, adoption fees, etc).
Chelsea & Amelia”

As the rescuer, there are no adoption fees or paperwork needed because we just want these loving, abandoned, abused, and stray cats to find their forever loving home which, obviously, Amelia has done. (Of course, we absolutely encourage adoption fees, applications, and home checks when it comes to outside adoptions.But when a rescuer takes out so much time to provide shelter, food, and transportations to and from vets, we know the love is already there. A huge thanks to Chelsea and we wish the entire family many happy years.amelia w:chelsea 10:15:17 amelia w::chelsea10:15:17amelia::w:chelsea 10:15:17

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