Kitten Little (aka Nino) – Discovered in a Colony with a Leg Missing

kitten little (nino 11:1:17 Kitten little 11:1:1711/2/17 UPDATE: Kitten Little/Nino is now with the rescue group, Bottle Babies. The finder was contacted by the rescue and it was decided that Nino would be better with the rescue who will find him a forever home. We did receive an e mail from someone very interested in Nino and we’ve passed the information on. Wishing Nino/Kitten Littel the very best. ~ diana
11/1/17 – This is Kitten Little. The rescuer contacted us with this message: “She/He showed up in a feral colony with his back leg missing. When I went to feed my colony this morning the cat was hobbling by the door. I have a colony at the shop I work at. I’ve never seen this cat before. Very friendly, rubbing my legs. She/He went right into my carrier. I keep one in my car. I brought her home and she’s in my basement bathroom. Fluffy cat. Very dirty and matted. Ate right away. I have 4 cats already otherwise I would love to keep her”. We authorized Kitten Little to visit a veterinarian who treated Kitten Little for fleas and cleared up his mats. Kitten Little was also vaccinated (he was already neutered) and, thankfully, he tested negative for fiv/felv. The doctor also said that the missing leg had healed a while ago. In just a few days, the dad of the house fell in love with Kitten Little and now he is a permanent member of the rescuer’s household. ~ diana

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