Vivvy – Just 4 Weeks Old and Had to Go to the Emergency for Heat Stroke

7/3/19 – Last Thursday, I received a 911 call from a supporter of 4p1h in regards to a 4-week old kitten who we had already agreed to back when old enough for vaccines and spaying. When the rescuer got home from work, Vivvy was lethargic and trembling. Shawn, the rescuer, took her temperature and it was a little over 104 degrees. It was assumed Vivvy had heatstroke. She was taken to our great doctors at Advanced Animal Emergency where she was immediately put on fluids and spent the night in order to remain under observation. The following day, Vivvy was picked up and today she is back to her old self and playing with her three other siblings who we will also be taking care of when the time comes. ~ diana

vivvy 6:27:19 vivvy 6:28:19
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