Misty – Was Thrown Out of a Car Window

7/25/19 – This little sweetheart was seen being thrown out of a car window. The people who saw this horrendous act, brought the kitten into their auto repair shop. A woman came across the shop while doing her job and the auto repair owners showed her the kitten — they didn’t know what to do. The kitten had an injury on the inside of his mouth on the lower part of it’s jaw and he was flea infested. Although this baby was in Owosso, MI, we were able to find a veterinary clinic to work with us. The baby was seen and is now resting comfortably with the woman who took him in. – diana

Update:  “She is doing great! We’ve named her Misty. Despite her lip being separated from her gum, her mouth is healed and looks as normal as can be expected. 😊”misty 7:25:19 misty--7:25:19 Misty w:kayleigh dengler – Kayleigh

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