Spot (aka Manny) – Rescued Before Being Taken to a Shelter — Flea Infested and Emaciated

7/16/19 – Spot (aka Manny) spot w:shayla 7:15:19 spot 7:15:19==-1 spot 7:15:19---was ‘dumped’ with some people who could not care for her on a permanent basis. Before they could take her to a shelter, a friend of 4p1h took him in to try and find a forever home for him. Yesterday he was taken to the vet and although very malnourished (20 lbs. under weight), he tested negative for heart worm, but was flea infested and was treated for an ear infection. Anyone interested in this poor boy, who has been so bounced around, should contact Shayla at: [email protected] – diana

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