Thor – Found on the Street With a Urinary Blockage

Thor – Last Wednesday I received an e mail about a cat found on the street who appeared to be injured. The rescuer said that he wasn’t eating/drinking, barely moving, and was breathing slowly. We immediately got him into Advanced Animal Emergency and later in the evening I was advised that Thor had a urinary blockage. Treatment began and on the 4th night, Thor was picked up by his rescuer and taken home. While being observed in the hospital, the doctors also thought that Thor might have neurological issues because of his inability to stand at times. It is unknown if the issue was a result of the blockage or whether the condition was from birth or some other trauma. Nonetheless, as of last night, Thor was walking around and appeared to be doing good. The rescuer has committed to giving Thor a furever home and providing the appropriate food to help avoid future blockage. Paws crossed that Thor can remain healthy and blockage free. Thor would have suffered a horrible death had he not been rescued by Connie and her family. ~ diana w:connie vicars 7:15:19

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